Privacy is not free. Here's why paying for online services is still better than paying with your personal data. The future of the Internet depends on it. I usually try to visualize that cost to others like: If you pay for it with your personal information, you can't "unsubscribe", your data is already there and shared. You can't just say "I don't want to pay anymore" and block transactions from your bank account.

@boxo @protonmail You can self host, sure, but then you pay with electricity, internet access, hardware and a -lot- of time.

Of course, if you really want free privacy, just pull out the power plug.

@protonmail This is all nice and stuff, but only a select group of people will pay for services and care enough about privacy.

"Free beer attracts people, they will get drunk and they don't care that meanwhile a dictatorship is rising"

Disagree. FOSS (Free and Open Source) is almost always the most private solution. And you can pay for online services but doing so gives you no guarantee of privacy.

The standard for privacy shouldn't be pay with your credit card or pay with your personal data. Opt for FOSS instead. Privacy IS free. Theoretically it's true, most of the cases it's true and I'm totally agree with this, but for example create and hosting own email server, protect it would cost given user much more and it's much harder to accomplish. If you are using a VPS, it's cost, if you want to do it at home, well you still need a computer and an ISP that does not ban your internet connection if you want to open services other then HTTP outside.

With non-FOSS paid services I don't pay for privacy, I pay them because it would cost me 10x more if I want to host my own or even not possible, and I trust then they don't violate my privacy. And... if they do, I have to find another solution.

@Rastal To be fair to them, they provide free user accounts. While hobbyists and IT professionals can set up their own e-mail servers, I don't see how an IT profan can implement email with privacy (which means GPG) without paying (at least as a community like with Protonmail where some users pay for others).

Free and open source isnt free either... our personal server cost us 400e so...

@protonmail ProtonMail isn't in easy business. They provide such a great service but only a small fraction of all people worldwide appreciate it. I live in London. One of the major cities in the world and when I talk to people about digital privacy I get looks as if saying "Gosh... who cares about this stuff ?" Ignorance is a bliss I say.

@protonmail Good news though. Despite of people's carelessness stats say that number of people who care about what's happening to their data is on steady and slow increase.

@protonmail nous sommes entrain de le lacilaser en kabyle, le kabyle est déja dans la version web test. il faut absolument continuer les traductions

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