Linux users - Bridge is here! You can now add your ProtonMail account(s) to your mail client. Learn more about it here.

@protonmail why is this for subscribers only? It really should not be for something that useful.

@cyndn @protonmail that is the incentive to pay for the service. It would be useful if Spotify didn't give ads to non-paying users, but that is the incentive.

@tristan957 @protonmail ads is something different. Something as essential as being able to easily connect up your account to a mail app should be free.

@cyndn @protonmail You can still access it from the web though! Also I think there is a community-provided package for setting up IMAP support with ProtonMail if you are unable to use the bridge. Here is the link. Hope it helps!

@protonmail great news !!!
Going to test it right away !
Yes I am a paying customer

@protonmail I think that the provided PKGBUILD lack of an icon I think not, at least for Arch I get an email and about an update and i just save the attachment and makepkg it.

@tristan957 Hi Tristan! Currently we do not yet have repos for updates. However the application has an integrated update functionality which will notify you once new versions are available. We’re checking whether we can provide update repos in the future.

@protonmail Appreciate the response. For now I will keep using the flatpak since it updates with a package manager. I know most Linux-y folks aren't too fond of updates outside their package managers, so when the repos do come they will be very much appreciated! On a side note, will the Flatpak distribution gain first-party support or will the community need to keep maintaining it?

Il aura fallu deux ans pour avoir quelque chose de stable. Tant mieux que ça soit près

@protonmail Thank you for supporting us #linux nerds! This makes a huge difference to me 👌

That would be nice to have a non GUI version of the bridge similar to hydroxide ( or to contribute
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