Here's a sneak peek of one of the most requested mobile app features -- Conversation View 💬 . What do you think of the new design? Reply to this toot and give us your feedback. 🙂

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@protonmail the most accurate feedback will be after we can test this feature ourselves ;)

@protonmail good looking interface. Thanks for sharing, ProtonMail. I am a satisfied user.



Google Push Notifications dependency. Fdroid won't allow that.

There is a third party repo that have protonmail can't remember where I found it though.

Their VPN is! I think their mail app finished an audit recently, so it may be a bit until that is there.

@protonmail it is cool if you can choose conversation or usual view as you wish... but not if don't have the choice for every conversation you have.


I can't try it since I wasn't able to find the ProtonMail app on F-droid...
ProtonVPN is on F-droid, but not ProtonMail apparently.

@LienRag @protonmail

Protonmail isn't at Fdroid yet, that have problems with push notifications yet, and Google dependency will never go forward.

Now, you can fetch and build the source as I did.

They will probably release it on to F-droid once they update the app with conversion view etc.

@protonmail Looks clean, I like it. As been said by few others hopefully it's preparation for move to F-Droid.

@protonmail absolutely stunningly georgeouse, have you thought about releasing such app for a desktop?

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