Our take on TikTok: Beware. The social media giant not only collects troves of personal data on you (sometimes without your consent), but also cooperates with the Chinese Communist Party, extending China’s surveillance and censorship reach beyond its borders. Read more here:

@protonmail USA: "Let's create the NSA and do super secret spying."
China: "Let's create TikTok."

@protonmail It's worth mentioning that USA wanting to ban TikTok is because of their trade war - and not for your privacy. If USA continues banning foreign competitors and forcing Europe to do the same, nothing will improve in terms of privacy. American companies still collect your data, and willingly hand it over to NSA and private companies willing to pay for it. It will only strengthen their monopoly.
I don't care if my data is in USA or China, so I avoid TicToc/Facebook/Google equally.

@matiaslavik @protonmail Yeah this whole digital / data privacy is almost like trying to dodge a bullet, really. There are so many players in this game, you avoid one, two or three tech giants and you get cornered by forth. Some of us took it to the next level by running own VPN server (OpenVPN) and using Tor browser even for simple online shopping.

@coding_hedgehog @protonmail yeah, there's always a company waiting for you to give them your data. VPN is a good idea 🙂 But it's sad that such a level of tech insight is required to protect ones privacy today. I mean, in today's society you are expected to have an email. I doubt my mother knows how to get that, without accidentally giving away her own privacy. And by signing up to FB, they somehow get the right to sell your data to others. It's basically scam 🤔

@matiaslavik @protonmail That's one of the reasons why I keep promoting that tech geeks are needed so much. Because tech geeks need to educate and help non-technical people to understand how to protect themselves. Who else will do it ? Non-technical people need tech people. I myself study cyber security so I can help others. If one doesn't have a real career I encourage them to go into cyber security. Tech people are very much needed.

@coding_hedgehog @protonmail I admire your motivation for studying cyber security. And I'm really glad there are people who study that, since it's really important these days. You can really make an impact.

It's not like I woke up one day and suddenly started to care about privacy and FOSS. It's all thanks to the people who voiced their conerns and encouraged me to actually care about these things.

@lefarfadet @protonmail Thanks for sharing! The prism-break lists are really nice.

I love the naming of that website 😁 (Prism Break)

usa has the nsa, cia, prism project, upstream project, google, microsoft, amazon, facebook all doing mass surveillance, spying & co-operating with usa deepstate. why is protonmail ignoring the elephant in the room, unless its become a shill 4 the usa gov't and taking a usa position in the trade war between usa & China. usa is no better than China. usa turns a blind eye on mass surveillance, oppression, human rights abuses inflicted on Palestinians by its friend, the tyrant, israel.

@NatCor @protonmail
as far as i remember Protonmail was founded after the Snowden leaks and many of their toots address privacy abuse by usa.

usa is pretty shit but they& China are not the same. compared to China, us still looks like a blinding beacon of liberty and human rights


Let's agree to disagree.
In some aspects, China a little better. In some aspects, usa is a little better. Depending on context. usa is full of double standards and hypocrisy when it comes to liberty and human rights. usa turns a blind eye to the massive atrocities inflicted on Palestinians by its tyrant friend israel.

Thanks. Chinese surveillance is definitely a big problem.

BTW, what's your take on Instagram, Facebook and Google? Do you think that they share data with USA's imperialist and oppressive organizations such as CIA and NSA?

@pthenq1 No tengo dudas sobre las intenciones de los chinos, ninguna. Lo que no deja de asombrarme, después de lo ocurrido con Assange y Snowden y tdo lo que sabemos de Google, FB etc, es la capacidad e USA y Europa para hacernos mirar a los rusos y chinos como los genios locos del mal cuando el big evil game es de ellos

@firulais Siempre es sobre poder. Siempre.

El tema es que en algún lugar te dejen meter baza. Ese lugar en Europa y EEUU son sus sistemas políticos: Todos sus lideres estan alquilando el palacio de gobierno.

En China no es así. En Rusia tampoco.

Tuvimos en Argentina dictaduras. La de China es similar, pero más grande, de más larga duración y más organizada. La de Rusia es menos organizada, pero la compensan con plata y matones que colectan impuestos a nivel cuadra.

Gracias, pero no gracias.

No Chinese company is or could be independent of the CCP.
No Chinese company could, or would, or dare to resist CCP unless it want to die.
No Chinsese company could, or would become gigantic without CCP's approval and support.
The link between ByteDance, TikTok and CCP would be there forever no matter what.

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