You can now easily migrate your entire inbox from another provider to ProtonMail with the Import-Export app, which has now exited beta. You can also export your messages to create a local backup. Available for all paid ProtonMail users. Read more here: Wonder if it would be wiser to give access to non-paid users to this feature too. I'm a paid one, i don't really care, but from business side, if a free user import their inbox they have, it's kind of a golden way for a potential paid user as they could easily move there. I mean I see it's planned to open for everyone, but still. For a paid user, I don't think it has huge value.

@protonmail Do you think about making it available for free users too?

@mete828670 Yes, we plan on eventually making the app available to all users, including those on a Free plan. Stay tuned to get the latest information on the Import-Export app and Proton’s other products.

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