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@protonmail I think that was meant to be a GIF? Sadly, on my end it's a non-looping video. :^)

@sindastra Thank you for pointing it out! It was actually posted as a video, but we'll consider switching to gifs next to get that loop :)

@protonmail Do you plan to do anything about blocking proton in Russia?
I was planning to buy paid subscription and use your mail as domain mail, but then your service was blocked and now I have problems with mobile app (it just doesn't work without VPN).
Please don't advice me to use VPN, I just want to know if you're planning to do anything as Telegram did or not.

@skobkin Hi, we're sorry for the delayed response. Could you please tell us which device you're using to connect to ProtonMail?

@protonmail PC (Windows, Linux), laptop (Windows, Linux), Android phone.

@skobkin Thank you for the additional info. We are looking into ways to resolve this in a similar way that Telegram did, but that would take a bit longer. In the meantime, we're working on improving alternative routing for our Android app so you wouldn't have to use a VPN to connect. Stay tuned for an update!

@protonmail A couple days ago I was needed to switch off alternative routing because with it ProtonMain app wasn't able to connect even with VPN. When I turned it of it was able to connect at least using VPN.

So yes, I hope you'll solve this problem. Right now using your service from my phone is pretty inconvenient.

@protonmail thanks for making this retroactive to paid plans. Looking forward to proton drive!

@shom Thank you for your feedback! We're excited about releasing ProtonDrive too, and we'll be happy to hear what you think when you get a chance to test it out.

@protonmail if there's an alpha/beta program and you're looking for feedback, I'd be happy to participate.

@shom We're prioritizing early access for ProtonDrive to our existing Visionary and Plus Bundle (Mail + VPN) users. This early access is free if you upgrade to a 2-year Plus Bundle (Mail + VPN). However, all existing paid users will get access to ProtonDrive in the coming months - this rollout will just be done in waves, so we can properly monitor our infrastructure and its capacity to absorb new users.

@protonmail On The same day protondrive appeared on my proton applications. Woohoo! Thanks. It will be really useful now

@AvonVilla 🙌 We'd love to hear what you think once you've had a chance to test it out!

@protonmail It seems rock solid. Every feature appears to be simple and accessible. Of course the main advantage is encryption and privacy I can trust. Drag and drop (file and folder) works well on my ubuntu/firefox. I like the preview function for small files, although I find it does jpg, png and txt, not rtf or other document formats, nor mp4/mp3. Previewing html displays the code and doesn't render it in any way. I look forward to more features being rolled out.

@protonmail It would be great if I could share files and folders in protondrive via a link. And if there was a possibility to get bigger storage then 20GB, more cheaply then 1GB/1EuroMonth.

Also if it was possible to set the proton account so that I could switch between mail, protondrive, account settings, vpn.. in one tab, because I use Firefox in private mode and then I have to log in every time time I want to use different proton feature.

@retroartdt Thank you for your feedback! Link sharing is something that we are going to implement in the future. You can read more about it here:

The storage is currently shared between ProtonMail and ProtonDrive, so the storage limit is the base storage of your plan. However, this may change in the future.

As for persistent sessions and easily switching between products in Firefox's private mode — we have reported this bug to Mozilla, so a fix might be coming!

@imattau Thank you for upgrading your account! We're currently working on our ProtonCalendar mobile apps, which should be coming in the first quarter of 2021.

Currently, ProtonDrive beta is available as a web app only. However, desktop and mobile apps are on our roadmap, but we cannot confirm specific ETAs at the moment.

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