Good news, iOS users: You can now set ProtonMail as your default email app on iOS 14! Once you've downloaded the latest version 1.12.7, go to your device's Settings > ProtonMail > Default Mail App, and select ProtonMail from the list.

@protonmail And if you waited for 14 iteration of iOS for this... what a bummer. Not Proton's fault though.

@sneak Not yet. However, the option to view and filter unread messages in the iOS app is on our roadmap. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates!

@protonmail you're probably going to lose me to native ios and fastmail in the interim, if i don't end up just running my own mailserver out of frustration.

@protonmail Is there going to be an iOS TestFlight beta for the rewrite of the mobile app similar to

@FIGBERT We're currently working on the redesign of our iOS app, but we can't share any details about the release just yet. Stay tuned for updates!

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