Our Lifetime Account charity auction starts today! This year, we're auctioning off 3 Lifetime Accounts and giving away 3 more in a raffle to support online freedom and a fairer society. You can enter the raffle as many times as you want. All proceeds will be donated, and we are making a matching donation of up to $100,000.

Learn about the organizations we are supporting and how to enter the raffle here:

@protonmail Hi, wouldn't a lottery with an affordable ticket price be more fair than just reward the richest people on this planet?

@cybergrunge Hi! In addition to the auction, this year we're also doing a raffle so that everybody (not just the wealthy) would have a chance to get a Lifetime Account.

Raffle tickets are available for $10 each in the ProtonShop, and you can purchase more than one raffle ticket to have multiple entries.

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