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@protonmail Is it just me or Proton Technologies is becoming privacy-reinforced Google ? It's only matter of time before they come up with Proton Search. Let's sum it up .... ProtonMail, ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive, ProtonVPN.

Sounds like everything can be handled by Proton Technologies. Question is, is it all
that good that another tech company has access to everything ? Just like Google.

@coding_hedgehog Hi Mark, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Unlike Google, we don't have access to your data, meaning we can't decrypt your messages or files. We also don't track or log our users, nor collect personally identifiable information. The idea behind offering an entire suite of secure products is to help users take ownership of all their data online instead of giving it up for someone else's profit.

@protonmail I understand and thank you. By answering my question you've also shown your users that even though you may use bots to post about your products and services on socials you're also picking up on questions related to Proton services and products. Not all tech companies do that. Thank you and Merry Christmas to y'll in Proton Technologies !

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