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Today marks a major milestone in the development of our privacy-focused calendar: the Proton Calendar Android app is now available in beta for all paid users! It comes in dark mode, and syncs across devices, making it easier than ever to stay up to date:

@gotexx Not yet, but we have plans to do this in the future.

@protonmail where is dark mode for the protonmail app? Why does ut require GCM to send notifications? Why are your apps not available in fdroid?

@n0btc We're currently working on Dark mode for Android and iOS, and it will be part of our V4 mobile app release.

For now, you can find the ProtonVPN app only on F-Droid. However, once we build the new version of the ProtonMail Android app, we will put it on F-Droid as well.

We're also happy to say that we've put a lot of development time into building an independent notifications system, and we are currently testing it out on our infrastructure. We appreciate your patience!

@Dannyar Thank you for your suggestion! We have plans to do this in the future.

@protonmail Nice… now just need #ProtonDrive and #ProtonContacts apps and the setup will be complete 👍

@protonmail any plan to make Proton Calendar free forProton vpn paid users?

@Dworkin Once Proton Calendar is publicly released, a basic version will be available to all ProtonMail users, including Free users!

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