Thanks to your support, this year's Lifetime Account auction and raffle has been our most successful yet! We've raised a total of $300,000 (including Proton's $100,000 contribution) for organizations fighting for online freedom and a better society:

A drawing was conducted at our office today with Andy and Bart (our CEO and CTO) to pick the 3 winning numbers (drawn randomly, one digit at a time). Watch the video to see if you won! A big thanks to all 15,000 participants.

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@ritmo Hi! Could you please clarify whether you're referring to the confirmation email containing a raffle ticket number that was sent to users after they bought a ticket? Or perhaps you have a winning ticket, and we are yet to contact you by email?

@protonmail No, nothing of that. I meant I didn't even took notice there was such a thing as a lifetime account. Guess that it's not bad luck if you never knew there was any chance.

@ritmo Thank you for clarifying. We made the announcement for the Lifetime Account auction and raffle on all our social media channels, and included it in our December newsletter. The good news is that this is the third Lifetime account auction we have held (and our first Lifetime account raffle), so we expect it to return next year as well.

@protonmail Nice! And fairly drawn as well. My wife and I have been customers for a few years now, and we are happy with the service and the continued additional services that are popping up. Calendar and drive are great ideas!

@Phaserune Thank you for your feedback, and for your continued support. It means a lot to us!

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