There is no such thing as a backdoor that only lets the good guys in. Together with Tresorit, @threemaapp and Tutanota, we are calling on EU policy makers to rethink anti-encryption proposals that would introduce backdoors in encryption platforms:

@protonmail @threemaapp i dont want no backdoors. I dont even want the good guys in. Just me. Only me.

@protonmail @threemaapp please avoid point-symmetric, rotated by 90 degrees symbols.

@ipofanes @protonmail @threemaapp

It's called C4 symmetry and IMHO things don't get evil by sharing symmetry properties with fascist symbolism.

@protonmail @threemaapp well said, encryption in the last frontier. If they manage to crack this in a legal way, then there is no point in privacy.

@protonmail @threemaapp Chipset issue problems like Intel ME have already well proliferated.

@protonmail @threemaapp geez! Tutanota and Protonmail working on this together. Never thought I would see that considering their kind of opponents lmfao. Awesome.

@protonmail @threemaapp Let's hope they can see how stupid it would be to pass the GDPR and then pass law that fundamentally breaks encryption, and therefore breaks data protection.

@ratz @protonmail @threemaapp It has always been watching. Now it's just more cost-effective to let people know about it than keeping it a secret.

@protonmail @threemaapp
I just signed up for the paid version of your service. Like the site, and it's nice to de-googlefi

@protonmail @threemaapp @Tutanota Just move your servers abroad instead of building backdoors for them please

@joli Tutanota is open source so there will never be a backdoor.

Would be nice if you guys had your app in F-Droid like Tutanota does. That would be very useful for people who use degoogled phones.

@flvc Thank you for your suggestion! We're focused on building a new version of the Android app right now, and we will put the ProtonMail app on F-Droid after we release it. Stay tuned for updates.

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