Hi! :)

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the #Hubzilla #calendar as a shared private calendar, editable by anyone it’s shared with (persons not on fediverse), and if so, how?

I’d rather not give my password and give access to this account, I’d be happy to create another channel just for the purpose of sharing events and photos privately with who I give access to, but as far as I can tell, I’d still be giving them the same password / account access (correct me if I’m wrong on any point).

I’m thinking I may create a new private account (called family, or something similar) primarily for the purpose of accessing and being able to edit the calendar. I still have a #Friendica account that may suit this purpose.

Any thoughts much appreciated 🤓
If not fedi calendars, if anyone knows of a good privacy focused shared calendar app that all parties can add to or edit, I’d be very interested. Currently trialling @ProtonMail beta calendar and I’m not sure it’s possible to share with others to edit etc. I’m also stuck using ‘family wall’ app, which does the intended job but is not privacy focused when it comes to data. #protoncalendar #dataprivacy #dataprotection

@indigo Sharing calendars is not available yet. However, we are working on a feature so that Proton Calendar users can easily share their calendars with external users using a public link. We'll announce this on our social channels once it is launched. Stay tuned!

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@ProtonMail I’ll keep an eye out, thanks for letting me know.
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