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@protonmail So to follow your take on breaking privacy news, I have to use a platform that offers none. No thank you. #irony

@Hukadan @protonmail I tried to tell people they work for the feds, Go use startmail and nerver get ip log, use encryption, and pay. Your data is never sold because your not the product… 😎

@devurandom @protonmail I disagree. There's nothing understandable about a privacy based service moving to a platform that actively sells your data

Isn't that against what you stand for, as a brand ?

@protonmail sad choice. You now force users here on Mastodon that tend to care about their privacy, to visit a platform that doesn't.

Please consider setting up a Crossposter at least!

> Please consider setting up a Crossposter at least!

Please don't. Crossposting is the worst choice you me do. Use a network or don't use it. Pretending kills the fedivers.


@dada @rarepublic @protonmail if they often keep up to check the accounts here there is nothing wrong with crossposting. I did it. Many did it.

@gmate8 @rarepublic This is bad. If you crosspost, you don't properly fill the network. You copy/post twitter-oriented messages to the fedivers. This is basically stupid and a real pain in the ass for people trying to avoid the commercial networks.


@dada @rarepublic @protonmail But if you want to post out the SAME thing on both networks why would it be logical not to use a crossposter? Makes no sense to me.

@gmate8 then crosspost Mastodon -> Twitter.
Keep in mind that using Twitter creates Twitter-oriented way of writing things. That's an issue.

@rarepublic @protonmail

@gmate8 Please enjoy reading everything you may find about the Attention economy

@protonmail Glad I moved away from ProtonMail, this is a really bad move if you support privacy 🤦‍♂️

@dylanvanassche @protonmail Good choice, Go for startmail a reliable and encrypted email provider

@retiolus Exactly, that's what I also did my proton account some time ago since it came clear than protonmail fulfills quite some requests for user data... while tutanota still seems more ok to me on that aspect.

@retiolus @protonmail @Tutanota Worst choice, Go for startmail. It has reliable servers, private, no ip logging, password encryption, pgp encryption, paid only (crypto), custom domains/aliases, and sense you pay your data is yours and not sold…

@xbdm @retiolus @protonmail @Tutanota : I don’t know startmail but it looks like mails are not encrypted on the server as they offer straightforward IMAP and SMTP.

The extra-value of Protonmail is that they don’t have access to your emails.

@ploum @retiolus @protonmail @Tutanota Fake privacy users using other people opinions in YouTube lol how bout you learn yourself and instead of making this wildly guess I just said it’s encrypted

@xbdm @retiolus @protonmail @Tutanota : I’m a cryptography researcher. Probably not a very good one but with enough background to understand the subject.

Protonmail claims that they don’t have access to your emails. The claim is credible (I don’t say is 100% true but it could be).

Startmail *has* access to your emails.

Even if Protonmail is lying, this does not make *technically* better.

Now, if it’s about the philosophy and culture, it’s more personal taste.

@ploum @retiolus @protonmail @Tutanota StartMail has encryption at rest which means once you log out they can’t read it. You can use thunderbird or canary mail client to read or send your emails

@xbdm @retiolus @protonmail @Tutanota : I don’t know about this concept. Very curious to understand how they make IMAP works that way. Is there any documentation about their design? (could not find any but probably overlooked it)

@ploum @retiolus @protonmail @Tutanota Also and that’s why you use thunderbird that is open source and a encrypted email client as for mobile k-9 and canary mail Too bad 🤢 ... and it is a ridiculous choice, private life but not too much anyway ... 💸

@protonmail Well, why burn resources (not just for the posting itself, but legal stuff and everything) of your company if the return isn't worth it for you.

I'm sure even cross posting requires resources if it's done officially.

Nevertheless, I'm sorry to see this as I'd like to see an opposite trend.

@protonmail Not surprised, I already saw you didn't care about privacy at all that's why I switched to @Tutanota long time ago.

@blkpws @protonmail @Tutanota You don’t care either if you switched to tutanota lol. They ip log and you can’t even control your own encryption… Get startmail a reliable and encrypted email provider with pgp encryption, email aliases, private (paid) which your data is yours and your not the product, pay with bitcoin, custom domains, encryption at rest means the email provider can’t see your emails, use imap to connect to thunderbird etc

@xbdm @protonmail @Tutanota My ISP already logs my IP stuff, PGP can sign but to encrypt I need the other people keys which no one do or use. email alises already exists and I use. I am not that expert and neither have the time to do my own email hosting, hiring online data is not local stored, stored locally can open a way to hack my local network... Tutanota can't see any email as it's decrypted on the client side. So its the easiest and secure way to get privacy. Relax.

@blkpws @protonmail @Tutanota “no one use pgp” a lots of ppl use pgp. You just don’t know how, And if you look they have their pgp key on their site, just like mines is.. So choosing a easy way is just stupid lmao

@xbdm @protonmail @Tutanota ... that's so stupid, you think my eletricity provider will go to search for my GPG to sing their emails to me? XDDD dafuq, I just other ways to talk to people.

@blkpws @protonmail @Tutanota It’s obviously not for them, for regular people.. Pf course the officials won’t use pgp just send you unencrypted ones because they don’t care like we do

@xbdm @protonmail @Tutanota The regular people I talk with don't use GPG they are not experts so I use chat clients which are more secure than email protocol. I feel like you just want to fight randomly without sense.

@blkpws @protonmail @Tutanota You didn’t say that until now, If your friends is not expert than use that than…

@xbdm @protonmail @Tutanota Well not going to explain all my life, I just read bad stuff about ProtonMail, they aren't even using f-droid and stuff like that I read about them made me switch. I prefer to avoid email and use than others but it's hard to make them move there. Hosting my own email server could make it more insecure if I'm neither a expert so I pay some experts to do open source code and work with some ethical private emailing as Tutanota is doing.

@blkpws @protonmail @Tutanota Yeah, you can’t escape email as you need it for work, news, notifications, password resets

@xbdm @protonmail @Tutanota yeah... and they will never use GPG, I remember long time ago when I was still using whatsapp I was using GPG on each message I was sending (only signing)... was a bit for the lolz but if I could I would do it with my friends... There is more secure client protocols like Briar and that but... I neither have that social life and nerd friends like me to use it, they think I'm just crazy and stopped to talk because they use whatsapp...

@blkpws @protonmail @Tutanota Everyone is different why we got threat models for a reason

@protonmail too bad ! Going the wrong side. Maybe you can also start using Gmail 😅

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