@Naughtylus Have you tried using the @pm.me domain, or a custom domain? if that still doesn't work, we suggest contacting the team at DeviantArt to ask them to unblock ProtonMail. We will do the same on our end. Here are some other tips: protonmail.com/support/knowled

@mete828670 Yes, we plan on eventually making the app available to all users, including those on a Free plan. Stay tuned to get the latest information on the Import-Export app and Proton’s other products.

@danie10 Thanks for being ProtonMail users! We're glad to hear the positive feedback.

@Horizon_Innovations Please note that this is not our official repo and we haven't launched the ProtonMail Android app on F-Droid yet. However, we plan do so in the future.

@Roboron If you are interested in a more private and secure email alternative, feel free to give ProtonMail a try, and let us know what you think: protonmail.com/ With ProtonMail, your emails are end-to-end encrypted, which means no one but you and your recipient have access to the contents of your message. Plus, we have features such as Message Expiration, which allows you to send messages that will be destroyed after a set amount of time: protonmail.com/support/knowled

@tsempex Thank you for your support! As an organization, we enable freedom and online privacy around the world, so it is natural for us to support causes which align with this mission. Raising public awareness makes the public less tolerant of internet restrictions, which furthers Proton's mission.

@danie10 Thank you for sharing this comparison. We've also published some thoughts on the differences between Tutanota vs. ProtonMail on Reddit. You can read more here: reddit.com/r/ProtonMail/commen

@Roboron Similarly to
, the team behind
asked us to feature our secure email service as the choice of service for one of their characters. We are glad you noticed it! 😉

You can now easily migrate your entire inbox from another provider to ProtonMail with the Import-Export app, which has now exited beta. You can also export your messages to create a local backup. Available for all paid ProtonMail users. Read more here: protonmail.com/blog/import-exp

@internetman You're welcome :) Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns that we can help you with.

@damvfl @burgervege Thank you for flagging this. We'll ask the original poster on Twitter to share with us some more details so we can investigate the issue - disappearing emails is not normal. protonmail.com/support-form

Flash drives & other external hard drives are convenient tools to save & back up your files. But, what happens if you misplace them? Encrypting your external drives is critical to ensure no one gets unauthorized access to your private documents. Learn more about how to do this: protonmail.com/blog/usb-encryp

@_emanresu Thanks for flagging this. Could you please confirm which specific ISPs you are talking about, so that we can investigate the issue?

@internetman Correct. Users are given 14 days to pay invoices for their subscription to ProtonMail premium services. Unfortunately, unpaid accounts are considered delinquent, and users will be restricted from accessing their data until the bill is paid. You can read more here: protonmail.com/support/knowled If you tried to make a payment and it fails for reasons outside your control, please contact our support team - they can help you investigate and re-enable your account.

@dsteve Thanks for your feedback. We're working on ProtonCalendar, our end-to-end encrypted calendar, which is currently in Beta. We should be able to launch some additional core features, such as receiving and sending invitations, still this year. With regards to jurisdiction, Switzerland has very strong privacy laws, and unlike Germany, is not part of the 14 eyes: protonvpn.com/blog/5-eyes-glob With regards to storage size and sending limits, we've shared your feedback internally with the team.

@pela0yakuza@quey.org @protonvpn We can't confirm more details at the moment, but we've shared your suggestion with the product team.

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