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ProtonCalendar will be in beta soon. Our secure and encrypted calendar will help you stay organized while protecting your data. This post explains exactly how we encrypt your data to ensure it stays safe:

We no longer need to imagine a world without privacy — we can simply look at China. 注册一个ProtonMail帐号来保护您的通信,使其不会遭到监视

ProtonMail's Black Friday deal is here! Get up to 50% off ProtonMail Plus during our only sale of the year. The sale ends tonight at midnight (Pacific Standard Time). All details available here:

Our IT security team keeps Proton safe from cyber threats. Now we’re sharing our expertise with you so you can secure your business. Pick up our ebook and learn how to establish your own IT security strategy:

The ProtonMail iOS app is now open source! We have also published our iOS security model. Learn more about open source at ProtonMail and what else is planned:

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@protonmail Thank you and keep up the good work, I am a paying customer and love the product.

Security tip for ProtonMail iOS users. 🚨 Turn on FaceID, TouchID, or PIN protection in your app settings to activate our AppKey security feature, which protects you from malware and warrantless searches. Learn more:

Umm... No thanks, Amazon.
Big platforms are always looking for ways to profit from people’s private information, including kids. Follow the link to learn how to protect your children’s privacy:

Here's a privacy feature you can set up with ProtonMail and iOS 13. 👍

1. Tap Shortcuts > Automation > Create Personal Automation
2. Select Arrive > Choose "USA" for Location
3. Tap Add Action > Select the ProtonMail app > Tap Wipe Local Data

ProtonMail Version 4.0 is now in open beta! The new version totally redesigned, laying the foundation for the future of ProtonMail. Log in to your account at to try it now.

All citizens, including protesters, are entitled to privacy. There are no factors, political or economic, which can lead us to compromise our core values and neutrality.

and Elliot are back for their final season! After using ProtonMail in seasons 1 and 3, we'd like to suggest our Android app with multi-account support for season 4. It's the perfect tool for Elliot's multiple personalities.

Just having a strong password isn’t enough. You need to enable two-factor authentication to keep your accounts safe even if your password is leaked.

When the New York Times asked what individuals can do to take back control of their data, ProtonMail was one of the first responses. ProtonMail frees you from spying and the misuse of your data.

ProtonMail Version 4.0 is the launchpad for ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive, and even more privacy tools. Watch this video to meet the team who's building it. (Open beta coming soon!)

People have asked us in the past, why can I trust ProtonMail? This is a vital question because your email provider safeguards some of your most sensitive data. Here are some of our thoughts on ProtonMail and trust:

In case you missed it, ProtonMail now lets you access multiple accounts from your Android device. No more logging in and out of your different accounts. With multi-account support, you can manage all your communications on the go. Read more here:

Police are already using face recognition to monitor citizens. We’re backing a law in Massachusetts that could help lead the way to defending privacy from government face surveillance.

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