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Expanding the Patriot Act to allow warrantless surveillance of browsing activity threatens everyone's right to privacy. As a Swiss company, Proton is not subject to US law, and the encryption we use in ProtonMail, @protonvpn, and @ProtonCalendar helps keep your data private.

Want to quit Yahoo and don’t know where to start? Our quick guide takes you through the whole process of moving to ProtonMail.

Say goodbye to Gmail for good! Moving your inbox to ProtonMail is now easier with our step-by-step migration guide.

Multi-account support is now available for ProtonMail iOS users! Manage multiple ProtonMail paid accounts from your phone and easily switch between them without having to log out. Read more here:

Our ProtonMail Android app is now open source! Starting today, every app you use to access Proton services are open source and have passed an independent security audit. You can find all the details here.

The ProtonMail Bridge app is now open source! It has also passed an independent security audit. You can find the full details and links to the code and audit report here.

We’re all living through a situation that’s unprecedented in modern history. To support our community and the global effort against COVID-19, we’re offering a number of resources during this challenging time.

This includes a free, permanent storage increase for all paid users, free email and VPN services for organizations helping with coronavirus relief, and computing power for scientists working on a cure. Learn more:

More than 5.2 million guests may have had their information compromised in Marriott's second major data breach in 16 months:

There has been an 838% increase in the number of data breaches in the US between 2005 and 2019. Here's what to do if you were the victim of a data breach:

Linux users - Bridge is here! You can now add your ProtonMail account(s) to your mail client. Learn more about it here.

As the world grapples with a sharp rise in the number of cases, fraudsters are trying to capitalize on the state of panic -- and even the goodwill of others. Here’s how to protect yourself against phishing attempts and malware.

As the COVID-19 outbreak forces most companies to collaborate remotely, more people are turning to tools like Zoom. If you’re using Zoom, you may want to be aware of these concerning privacy practices.

Are you an iOS developer who wants to challenge the big tech giants? At Proton, we’re building secure alternatives to email, calendar, drive, and more that put people’s privacy first. Join us in

Are you into Android development, open source software, and doing work that has a positive impact? Then join our fast-growing team and build tools used by millions to protect their online privacy and freedom.

Politicians score points calling out tech companies over abusing user data.

But nowadays, many political campaigns run sophisticated data operations themselves, nudging voters to pick a certain candidate at the polls.

The wait is over — ProtonMail is easier on the eyes with Dark Mode on! Start testing on

Activate it in Settings > Appearance > Themes > Dark Mode.

It’s also available for @ProtonCalendar if you have a paid plan.

Privacy is not free. Here's why paying for online services is still better than paying with your personal data. The future of the Internet depends on it.

Cryptojacking has made dozens of headlines… but what is it? How will you know if your devices have been infected? And what can you do about it? We’ve put together a guide to help you answer these questions:

To use ProtonVPN, simply download the application for your device and login with your Proton account. You can find the ProtonVPN setup guide here.

If the Russian government's attempted ban of ProtonMail has impacted you, you can access ProtonMail by using ProtonVPN and connecting to a VPN server or by using TOR browser. More details here:

We are also working to overturn the ban as soon as possible.

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