! The Swiss no-log VPN has officially joined the open source, federated social media network. As an organization focused on giving people greater control of their data, we wanted to join a social media network that respects this. We’ll be sharing toots about service updates, new VPN projects, and news on privacy.

Ah, my favorite VPN (and mail) provider, glad to see you onboard 👍

@protonvpn Welcome! Do you have plans to release ProtonVPN clients for Mobile and Desktop as Open Source projects? It would be awesome!

I tought that was the plan with at least the mail client. If I remebere correctly

@pablojimpas Hi, since ProtonVPN app is still being constantly improved (we are still editing the code, adding new features to the app), thus it is not open-source at the moment.
However, @protonmail app is already open-source for quite some time - check out the blog here:

@zalandocalrissian @protonvpn ProtonVPN on Android is using Google CrashLytics. I don't trust these Third-Party-Services. Why?


@kuketzblog @protonvpn because their above post advertises the service as a "no log vpn"

@zalandocalrissian @protonvpn Well this may be true for the VPN-service itself - but not the App. I you integrate third-party-analysis then this is some kind of "logging".

@kuketzblog @zalandocalrissian Hello! We used crashlytics for crash reporting before it was acquired by Google. We are removing it in the next Android release.

Great to see you have joined Mastodon!
Welcome 😊

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