Version 2.0 of our VPN client is written in Python for improved performance and stability. It comes with a Kill Switch, better leak protection, and more. Full details here:

@protonvpn First thing I'll be installing on my Pinebook Pro when it arrives next month @PINE64

@protonvpn how can one use the split tunneling feature to exclude entire apps, such as Signal?

@thenewoil 👋 Unfortunately, you can only exclude IP address at the moment.

@protonvpn I am waiting for the GUI to come. It can be quite cumbersome to use the terminal at times.

@protonvpn Can I use "pvpn --update" or do I have to download it manually?

@Orzesnet Hi, since this is a new implementation, you would need to download the CLI by following this guide: If you are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact us via the following link: so we can help.

@protonvpn @Orzesnet I have noticed that you haven't included instructions for users of Solus this time. Is there a reason for this? 🤔


>improved performance

are you for real?

@protonvpn I know it says linux client but, the previous cli version was also available for mac, I tried and I installed a couple of additional packages to make it run, but still no internet. Are you going to add mac instructions? ty

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