The ProtonVPN APK is available to download on GitHub! It's now easy to download and install ProtonVPN on your Android device, even in countries where our website is blocked.

@protonvpn Though for countries that have that kind of internal blocking, as well as trade embargoes against them from the USA, might still have issues since GitHub has been suspending people's accounts from such countries because Microsoft is a shitstain.

@KitsuneAlicia Thanks for your reply. Those users can always contact us via email at and we will send them the APK link. Also, we will publish our Android app on F-Droid in the next few weeks.

@protonvpn Ooh, nice! We can't wait for that! We don't think there's many VPNs on F-Droid outside of the usual Tor and stuff, so for those wanting to cut the cord for Google's apps, this'd really help with diversity of choice in this regard.

Also, thanks for your reply too. It's good to see you're active here on the Fediverse too. Making an effort to reach out to everyone is hard, but worth it in our opinion.

Thank you, and keep up the good work.

@protonvpn Hey guys can you please publish SHA256 or GnuPG .sig files for the apk?


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