NetShield, our malware and ad blocker is available in beta today for Visionary, Plus and Basic users! With NetShield, your online browsing is faster and more secure. Join the beta program to try NetShield and let us know your feedback:


Great, thanks!
Will this feature be available for all subscriptions after the beta program?
Can sites be excluded from the adblocker, to support some sites which depend on advertising?
Will this feature be availabe for GNU/Linux?

@solarpunk Sorry for our delayed reply. NetShield is available only for paid users (Basic, Plus, Visionary, Lifetime), both during and after the beta. Currently it is not possible to customize/whitelist domains. Yes, NetShield will be available on Linux once it exits beta.


Time to release faster on @fdroidorg as Google just suspended #ElementMessenger on Playstore. This is clearly an abuse of power.

@protonvpn I followed your instructions to sign up for the iOS beta but I don't see anywhere to put in my Apple ID. Are spots full?

@mmckenna ;) Feel free to share feedback once you've had a chance to test it out.

@protonvpn Is NetShield enabled, if I use OpenVPN + the downloaded config from Proton?

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