After a review of Proton’s social footprint, we’ve decided to refocus our efforts into fewer channels where we can give our 100% to serve the community with relevant content, updates about the , and our take on breaking privacy news.

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Thank you again to our community for your support! Have you tried following the instructions here? If you face issues, please contact our support team for help:

@jamisonmartino Our community rocks! Thank you for your support! Sorry for our delayed reply. NetShield is available only for paid users (Basic, Plus, Visionary, Lifetime), both during and after the beta. Currently it is not possible to customize/whitelist domains. Yes, NetShield will be available on Linux once it exits beta.

@mmckenna ;) Feel free to share feedback once you've had a chance to test it out.

NetShield, our malware and ad blocker is available in beta today for Visionary, Plus and Basic users! With NetShield, your online browsing is faster and more secure. Join the beta program to try NetShield and let us know your feedback:

Thanks to your support, this year's Lifetime Account auction and raffle has been our most successful yet! We've raised a total of $300,000 (including Proton's $100,000 contribution) for organizations fighting for online freedom and a better society:

A drawing was conducted at our office today with Andy and Bart (our CEO and CTO) to pick the 3 winning numbers (drawn randomly, one digit at a time). Watch the video to see if you won! A big thanks to all 15,000 participants.

@mdalch Please note that the website is most likely experiencing some issues with the DNS leak test, this does not mean that you are experiencing DNS leaks in any way. Just in case, you can also perform the wanted DNS tests on this website ( ) and see if everything is in order.

@joeo10 Windows beta has NetShield and we're working to make it available also on the other platforms. We will have an announcement soon. Stay tuned!

In a year marked by uncertainty and countless challenges, the fight for better online privacy and freedom of speech never missed a beat. From facial recognition bans to investigations into Big Tech's harmful practices, here's a list of 2020's victories for digital rights:

2020 saw a concerning rise in internet censorship around the world. From Tanzania to Belarus, people turned to ProtonVPN to overcome these blackouts. We're proud to build technology that enables a free internet, and to offer free access to these tools:

@NathanClayton We're really sorry for the inconvenience. We've had some technical issues with the upstream data center for servers in parts of South America, and are investigating the situation. We're working to restore the service ASAP. You can follow the server status here:

@sinenomine We're really sorry for our delayed reply. Could you confirm that you are using our new official Linux app? Also, note that local keyring access and VPN access are not the same thing.

Our Lifetime Account charity auction starts today! This year, we're auctioning off 3 Lifetime Accounts and giving away 3 more in a raffle to support online freedom and a fairer society. You can enter the raffle as many times as you want. All proceeds will be donated, and we are making a matching donation of up to $100,000.

Learn about the organizations we are supporting and how to enter the raffle here: @fikran Could you confirm which OS / device you are using ProtonVPN on? We have alternative routing implemented on Android and Windows, which should help circumvent censorship in restricted countries like Iran: For other clients (iOS, macOS, Linux), we suggest trying to connect manually. Please let us know which OS / device you are using, and we can help recommend a troubleshooting guide.

@internetman Thanks for reaching out and sorry for our delayed reply. Do you have Always-on enabled in your settings? If so, and you're still facing issues, could you try this?

By popular demand, we've extended our promotion for one more week (until Dec. 15th). This is our only promo in 2020 and provides 50% off ProtonVPN and @protonmail bundles & free early access to Proton Drive. Thank you for supporting our mission.

@pj Thanks for clarifying. We're glad everything is working now!

@Dannyar We are actively working on a Linux GUI, although we cannot confirm a specific ETA at the moment.

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