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We replaced 4 servers in New Zealand with 3 new Basic plan servers and 5 new Plus plan servers. 🇳🇿 These new servers offer much greater bandwidth, which means more reliable service for our users. 🚀 To see where all our servers are, click here:

Your Netflix night just went international. You can now stream the US, UK, and German version of Netflix on ProtonVPN! 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇩🇪 Simply connect to any Plus plan server in those countries and start watching your favorite shows.

We’re about to install servers in the country that hosts one of the most famous hot air balloon festivals in the world. Do you know which country it is?

We just installed four servers in Costa Rica! 🇨🇷 This means faster speeds for our users in Central America and the Caribbean. Read more here:

Switzerland’s National Council voted to preserve people’s right to download files for personal use. So, you can continue to use our Swiss P2P servers to download your favorite music and films. Read more here:

We’re about to install servers in a country that has dedicated over 25% of its land to national parks, reserves, and wildlife refuges. It’s also the only place on earth where you can find golden frogs. Do you know which country it is?

Attackers are spreading fake versions of Proton apps to gain access to people’s devices. Learn how to protect your device from fake Proton apps:

No one has ever accused Reddit of holding back, which is why we're happy to be named the Best Free VPN by Redditors!

As some keen-eyed ProtonVPN users may have already noticed, we have eight new servers in Ukraine! 🇺🇦 These servers will give our users in Eastern Europe another fast and secure VPN option. Read more here:

We added 1 new FREE plan server, 1 new Basic plan server, and 3 Plus plan servers in the Netherlands. 🇳🇱 To see where all our servers are, click here:

The new version of our VPN application has Smart protocol selection and will automatically connect to the next best server if the connection to your selected server fails. This makes it easier than ever to secure your online data. Read more here:

The Internet service providers of Hong Kong condemned government threats to block social media services. We echo their call to keep the Internet open. Freedom of speech is a basic human right—and our service will ensure private and secure Internet access.

Eight brand new VPN servers just came online in Romania! 🇷🇴 More servers means more bandwidth and stable connections for our users. Read more here:

We’re about to install new servers in the country whose currency's name means "lion" in English. Do you know which country it is?

Is your VPN connection being blocked? The new Smart Protocol Selection feature in our app will detect the block, automatically switch protocols, and reconnect. This is only available to users who have enabled early access.

When you travel to , you want to see the Temple of Heaven, not fraudulent charges on your credit card. To protect your data on your next trip to China, make sure you use a . See more steps here:

We installed our newest servers in Estonia! 🇪🇪 These servers will allow anyone to access the Internet with an Estonian IP address.

OpenVPN is one of the most secure protocols — and it is now in beta on our app. (It's also coming soon to iOS!) ProtonVPN early access users can choose the speed of IKEv2 or the stability of OpenVPN on their Android device. Read more here:

We’re about to install new servers in the country where extreme swinging was invented. The goal is to do a complete, 360-degree revolution with the longest swing possible. Do you know which country it is?

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