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Hackers breached and exposed 9 million customer accounts. If you fly EasyJet, you should change your password and beware of scammers offering “assistance.” For tips on dealing with data breaches:

The US Congress renewed the vast domestic surveillance powers contained in the . Here’s what that means and what you can do to protect your privacy:

Starting today, you can get the ProtonVPN Android app from F-Droid. This means our app is now:
✅ Verified by the @fdroidorg team
✅ Independent of Google's app store
✅ Harder for governments to block
Read more here:

You can now watch all of your favorite shows on RAI 🇮🇹 no matter where you are. Connect to one of ProtonVPN Plus servers in Italy and enjoy streaming RaiPlay while keeping your data safe. More details here:

We just added more servers in Japan! 🇯🇵 You now have 8 new Basic and Plus servers in Osaka, and we also increased the capacity of our Free plan servers. 🚀
See details of all our servers here:

In the following weeks, due to an infrastructure upgrade to all ProtonVPN servers, some groups of servers will be under maintenance for a couple of hours while the upgrade is applied. We apologize for the inconvenience. More details here:

You can now stream the UK version of Disney+ while keeping your data safe.

If you have a valid Disney+ subscription, you can connect to any Plus server in the UK and watch your favorite shows, even on your mobile device. Learn more here:

We’re boosting bandwidth in Southeast Asia with 8 new servers for Basic, Plus, and Visionary users. Start browsing with a Malaysian IP address! 🇲🇾 Details here:

Eight new ProtonVPN servers are now available in . This means you'll be able to browse securely while using a Slovenian IP. And if you're located in Eastern Europe, you will have more choices for fast connections.

More ProtonVPN servers arrive in Latin America! We recently installed 3 new Basic Plan and 5 Plus Plan servers in Buenos Aires, Argentina! 🇦🇷 You can find all the details in our blog post:

ProtonVPN should hopefully be available on F-Droid soon. We're just waiting for F-Droid maintainers to finish the final steps. You can upvote and follow the progress here:

We just installed VPN servers in the country most requested by our community! With 3 new Basic Plan and 5 Plus Plan servers in Mexico 🇲🇽, we are increasing our bandwidth in the Americas. More details here:

People around the world are relying more heavily on the Internet during the pandemic, mostly to stream shows or to video chat with loved ones. That's why we are working diligently to expand our VPN network. We added 53 new, secure servers. Here's the full list:

To keep up with surging demand, we have rolled out 32 new servers for paid users in each of these countries: Canada, France, UK and Ireland. See where all our servers are here:

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! We messaged 50 lucky winners, so make sure to check your DMs. We're planning more contests in the future. Follow our social media channels for news and updates.

Last year, we discovered a vulnerability in iOS that causes connections to bypass VPN encryption. This is a bug in iOS that impacts all VPNs. We have informed Apple, and we are now sharing details so you can stay safe.

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