Our dog misses his best furry friend in times of quarantine... Technology to the rescue! Telewoofing together!

Doing some final writing on my (accepted!) PhD dissertation!

To help me learn Chinese, Iโ€™ve compiled a list of characters I wish to study, ordered them based on similarity, and wrote some software to render it in a nice grid: proycon.anaproy.nl/post/hanzig

In Memoriam: Sam (2009 - Oct 2019).. Unfortunately we couldn't bring you into the new decade with us..

Beautiful photo of our Jaiko past weekend! She's growing up nicely. Many more photos on my homepage: proycon.anaproy.nl/photos/

I just published my new redesigned homepage at proycon.anaproy.nl ! Let's not all live in centralised walled-in social networks but create our own proper corner on the web as it was designed for!

Jaiko (gnawing on the branch) on her first big walk with many breed-mates!

"I beleaf I found another one to tear apart! Don't leaf us outside!"

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