should i host my own server entirely? either way this clown is going to stick with recurrent for now so can someone teach me how to shift my following (sorry i’m on mobile and wondering if there’s an option on one of these ios apps for such) xo

Haven’t been on a date since β€˜Nam but I’m about to go one any advice?

he looks like he's gonna have some racist breakdown in like 3 years max

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me: [whispering softly] berserk and masturbation?

petroleum jelly: i want a divorce, sir!

BRB achieving ego death and ultimate enlightened'ment LOL

If you cant flirt with your friends then who the heck can you flirt with?

what’s an instance or whatever whatever? old eBoy but new here and all i’ve gathered thus far is it’s gay heaven which is cool for a wholesome bi/(prob pan tho) like meΒ‘!Β‘

Its not a good cowboy movie if I dont have to turn on subtitles

gimmethose unintelligble accents dammit

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