There is a worrying trend of more and more new 2D games with an always-on screen shake effect. Some people get nausea from such effects. If you do too, feel free to join our Steam group that tries fight against this trend by asking developers not to force such effects on players

@psyq Kudos to you for asking for this in such a positive and constructive way! As a dev, I appreciate that.

I'll always have options to turn off extreme screen effects in my games. It's not hard to do at all, so keep raising awareness. It should be the norm.

@viTekiM Thank you very much! It means a lot to me that you already consider this during development. One or two devs I spoke to also say that this should be a no-brainer, yet look at some recent high-profile games (Celeste, Thumper, Dead Cells, etc.) where it's not optional. I'm tracking progress on those three titles, by the way :)

I believe politeness is the only way, as developers already sacrificed time implementing the effect and probably never knew it can be bad for people.

@psyq also we see our work as art and the screen shake and other effects are part of vision. (I'm no exception)

It can be hard to hear "your art is hurting me."

Once I started seeing it as an accessibility issue, not just a matter of taste, it became clear that it had to be optional.

I'm surprised it's not optional in Celeste! 😮

@viTekiM I can imagine. It can probably be grouped in with things like color blindness options for strategy games -- once people became aware, those started appearing.

Thanks for reminding me to check on Celeste, the devs have added an option now after people inquired on the forum. Great, I can move one game off the list :)

@psyq screen shake makes me want to vomit. 2d games often have weird animation in the background, which also gets me feeling ugh.

(But I don't have a steam account. I support your ask tho!)

@pnathan Thanks for the support! I'd be happy to organize this another way and open to suggestions for something that won't require a Steam account. Maybe the Steam group can be a way to start off and test the waters.

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