Been putting it off for months, but this is it: the day I write my Leslie

@ian Thanks for the reminder that "In Our Time" is out there! The gin episode was super. Can also recommend the BBC documentary podcast.

I have a bare bones command line tool for posting to Twitter, good for bots & scheduled use from cron.

I've ported it to Mastodon. In case it's useful to anybody else:

Who knows if this thing will work out, but now that I'm following @quonky @hella and @larrybob I have hope for some of my favorite slices of Twitter

Working on my talk for Strange Loop. The electric vibrations are rendered audible by an ordinary telephone receiver to which a horn amplifier is applied, concealed by foliage or flowers.

Other than that: some text synthesis, a few friendly bots, image optimization & edge apps at Fastly


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