Why doesn't OS X have a built iSCSI support?

Is there any good source for old (1150 series) motherboards? Both fleebay and CL seem to suck, too few choices, too expensive.

I ran OS X on a 2600x under Linux + qemu and it actually compiles significantly faster than my loaded Mac Pro. I wish hackintoshing Ryzen wasn't such a hassle.

From a business perspective I can't make a case for a Don app yet. We've got too much other stuff on our plates.

If there's enough interest I can set up a Patreon for me to get something ported up to MVP level over nights and weekends.

Note: Any actual app would be paid, likely subscription based (not a fan of them but makes sense here for various reasons).


Tootbot sounds like a fart app.
Mastobot well that sounds even worse.

I want an inactive NSLayoutConstraint about 0.1% of the time. !@#$!@# default.

Of course its not like I need an extra machine but at such low prices how can I afford not to buy another one?

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Ryzen 2600 at $150 or Ryzen 1700 at $180... Tough choice, normally I go for cores but faster single core/RAM access is tempting.

I will say, not being so handcuffed would be nice.

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The problem with doing a client for this is lack of scale. Assuming there's 100k active users, 50% run iOS/Mac, probably < 10% of those would pay for an app. I'm thinking ~5k copies which sucks compared to the effort required.

🐓 and 🥚 I know.


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