The problem with doing a client for this is lack of scale. Assuming there's 100k active users, 50% run iOS/Mac, probably < 10% of those would pay for an app. I'm thinking ~5k copies which sucks compared to the effort required.

🐓 and 🥚 I know.

I will say, not being so handcuffed would be nice.

@pth I do wonder if this particular active user base might be willing to pay a lot more than average for an app. At least at first

@VioletPixel Kickstart would only work for Mac, which is an even smaller user base.

@pth Hmm. What about Kickstarting TestFlight access? That's 10K people. Or what about releasing the app as free with an in-app purchase/subscription unlock, but Kickstarter people get a special code/link/something that unlocks it for them? Would that run afoul of Apple's guidelines? Probably... 🤔

@pth "I backed the Tootbot Kickstarter and all I got was this lousy sticker/pin/shirt/bag."

@pth Yeah, my first thought was “Tweetbot for Mastodon” would be cool. My second was remembering the client, and thinking it wouldn’t have had much use.

@pth “Mastobot” has a nice ring to it, though.

@pth well there is quite a big userbase Japan isn’t there? They even have their own app but they all aren’t on pair with Tweetbot.

@pth Come on, Paul. We all need a little Tootbot in our lives.

@pth I hope you consider Kickstartering it! I'm happy to throw a disproportionate amount of money to see Mastodonbot get off the ground, and I'm sure a handful of others would too.

If nothing else you can use it as a measure of interest to validate that there is a market. It probably won't be anywhere near what Tweetbot's is now but it probably has more of a future given Twitter's attitude.

A straight up tootclient, doesn't carry much value in the Fediverse. The value of any social network are the users. Only a client that adds value in itself that people actually want - top notch UX, new original features,... - may yield revenue for a while. Remember IRC? Yeah, this has happened before.

@netsensei @pth of course a client carries value! Not really happy with any of the ones available right now and it’s the main channel for me to use my instance.

As far as the value of the social network is concerned: that's why silos like the birdsite are so protective, close up their API's to third party apps. The goal of ActivityPub and Mastodon is to provide an open alternative everybody can implement.

@pth I'd bet there are more than 100K active users; 1 in 10 of total users seems conservative. But IIRC @Gargron said there's no tracking, so it's probably hard to be more certain. I'd bet @Unranged is right about this group self-selecting for willingness to pay, though.

@pth @Unranged @Gargron I'd happily pay Tweetbot prices on each platform (again). (Also bought Netbot, for the record, which I suppose makes me an outlier in any case.)

@pth @jwisser @Gargron yeah, I know it wouldn't exactly be sustainable long-term. But I'd be happy to pay that on Kickstarter, or perhaps some other sort of early-access fundraiser version

@pth @jwisser @Gargron sign me in with 50€. Even at Crowdfunding or something like that.

@pth @Unranged @jwisser @Gargron count me in for $50 as well. (redo because couldn't figure out how to change a toot from private to public)

@pth Also, FWIW I expect this platform to keep growing. Really feels like we hit a watershed moment this week, and I'd bet we'll see more try it out as we hit 8/16.

@pth @WAHa_06x36 is working on a fantastic iOS client for Mastodon. I don't know what I'm suggesting here but I thought you two should at least know of each other's existence.

Also, why not kickstart the development? Make the reward the app itself once it's complete, see how many people sign up for it before beginning to work on it, etc etc. Seems like a safe way

@Gargron @pth @WAHa_06x36 The thing there is @pth runs a company, Tapbots so it has to be worth the investment

@pth How much would you need to charge to make 5k copies worth the effort?

@pth I’m not sure where active stats are; there’s something like 1.5-2m total users I _think_ but that may just be accounts

@pth but then again wouldn’t it be possible to re-use a lot of the foundation from existing Tweetbot code instead of building something from the ground up?

@pth actually alone have 180k users and over all 1.5M users from all instances.

@pth How about a "minimal effort" version, entirely based on Tweetbot, where you just change whatever is required backend-wise? The only entirely new thing would be a "choose instance" page. Starting off slow would make it worthwile even for only 5k copies at $10 each, I believe.

@manuch possible, but last time we did that people freaked out if we didn't support every little niche feature.

@pth even if your math isn’t conservative that’s still $100K assuming you charge $20.

But the platform is growing. That $100K is followed pretty soon with another $100K...

And we’re not asking you to rewrite. Just to make a good faith minimal viable port.

Do something quick. Call it a preview. If there’s interest (and $) then do the work to really make it shine here.

@pth anyways. On twitter you’re scrambling for crumbs from a company that at best tolerates you and at worst is actively trying to fuck you over.

With some effort and a bit of risk you could easily be the de facto app for iOS and macOS here.

You want to be scrambling for scraps from Twitter for the next 10 years?

@schwa I've been using Tweetbot for so long on that I don't trust another app to have access to my Photo Library, Location, etc. Save me from this WebView, @pth

@pth over 6k new users on just one instance this week alone. (Mostly refugees from twitter who are all engaged users who are used to best of breed clients)

I think that next 100k users is going to happen quicker than you think.

I’ve been on this service just a few days (ignoring the account I made months ago and lost the credentials for) and already have 5% the followers i had on twitter that took 12 years to accumulate.

This place is booming.

@pth Yeah, didn’t you sort of learn that lesson with Netbot?

@pth I found this bot, @mastodonusercount, that's trying to count all users across all instances. Thought you might want to keep an eye on it.

@pth Just make the next Tweetbot upgrade a paid upgrade and just make it silently use Mastodon. 😏

win-win, right?

@pth Would you consider a subscription model for a Mastodon app? I’d give it a try, but I understand if the numbers just won’t work.

@pth I would gladly pay for either a whole new app dedicated to Mastodon or an in-app purchases/subscription model to unlock a Mastodon support in Tweetbot.


@pth crowdfunding? Some of us would be willing to pay real app prices I bet.

@pth As much as I’d love you to do this, I can’t fault your logic. Over Tweetbot’s history, have you ever looked at how price sensitive paying customers are: $5 versus $10, etc.?

@pth visiting for the first time in a while, it looks like it’s continuing to grow here...

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