The problem with doing a client for this is lack of scale. Assuming there's 100k active users, 50% run iOS/Mac, probably < 10% of those would pay for an app. I'm thinking ~5k copies which sucks compared to the effort required.

🐓 and 🥚 I know.

@pth I'd bet there are more than 100K active users; 1 in 10 of total users seems conservative. But IIRC @Gargron said there's no tracking, so it's probably hard to be more certain. I'd bet @Unranged is right about this group self-selecting for willingness to pay, though.


@Unranged @jwisser @Gargron you and probably 5 other people at that amount.

@pth @Unranged @Gargron I'd happily pay Tweetbot prices on each platform (again). (Also bought Netbot, for the record, which I suppose makes me an outlier in any case.)

@pth @jwisser @Gargron yeah, I know it wouldn't exactly be sustainable long-term. But I'd be happy to pay that on Kickstarter, or perhaps some other sort of early-access fundraiser version

@pth @jwisser @Gargron sign me in with 50€. Even at Crowdfunding or something like that.

@pth @Unranged @jwisser @Gargron count me in for $50 as well. (redo because couldn't figure out how to change a toot from private to public)

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