Tootbot sounds like a fart app.
Mastobot well that sounds even worse.

@pth It doesn't matter how you call it, as long as you re developing it. ☺️

@pth Get somebody to draw you a tap-dancing mastodon

@tabacco actually that's the one I thought would work, now I have to re-watch some futurama episodes.

@pth I'd reccomend "Data", the Federation's most famous Android.

Or "Lore", if you're feeling darker.

@pth the choice of names is something that usually happens during pregnancy, isn’t it? 😍

@spank @pth Tusk was the surname of our “beloved” PM in Poland. 😉 Oh and his name was Donald.

@pth Tootoot? Tooot? Bot-o-Toot? Too-Too-Toot-Me? Tootarama? The Toot App? Toots on Fire?

No, wait, I have it: Everybody Toots!

@timeuser @pth make it able to post to both places and call it TootBoth.

@pth I was thinking Tusk when I was working on a client. Maybe Tuskbot?

@pth Quite a quandary. You could call it Bot or Botbot. Or maybe step away from bot names in this one instance? Tough spot.

@pth I guess it does. 💨
If you build it, I’m still buying.

@pth Tootbot sounds amazing. I think people would talk about that app.

@pth Postbot sounds good. It’s very generic but at least it’s not pornographic or sophomoric.

@pth SocialBot and it lets you swipe between Twitter, Mastodon, and

@pth Botodon sounds like a robot dinosaur, which is a plus imo.

@pth my wife says it sounds like an ill chicken 😂

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