From a business perspective I can't make a case for a Don app yet. We've got too much other stuff on our plates.

If there's enough interest I can set up a Patreon for me to get something ported up to MVP level over nights and weekends.

Note: Any actual app would be paid, likely subscription based (not a fan of them but makes sense here for various reasons).


@pth I would contribute and pay for the app, even a subscription. I really love Tweetbot’s take on timeline style.

@pth I can totally get down with that!

If you can find a way to get patrons that support the app a promo code or even get in on the beta I think people would be very appreciative.

I’d be willing to chuck 0.99-1.99 your way each month if it was the same quality as Tweetbot.

@steve228uk I actually don't know what the App Store "legalities" are with iOS betas and something like Patreon. Would prefer to give alpha/beta access out, but 🤷‍♂️

@pth Oh you’re right, they’d probably see that as selling access to the app outside the store. Maybe just “behind the scenes” kinda updates for the app for patrons. Maybe polls etc. for feature ideas and the like.

@pth @steve228uk Thought: does this differ from Iconfactory using Kickstarter to give early access to the Project Phoenix Mac app? Maybe worth asking them how they approached it?

@ericleamen @steve228uk iOS Betas have to go through TestFlight, Mac betas are direct.

@pth I’d be interested, particularly for mastodon if it were just like Tweetbot.

@pth My $0.02:

you have such a strong track record and <groan voice>brand</groan voice> that you don’t have to be first (or even early).

I’ve heard a few mentions of others in the works which will pacify users in the short term, and you can wait and see if it will be viable before investing time in it.

But count me in as a pre-purchase when you do decide to do it.

The idea that we should keep nagging @pth to be making a Mastodon client is unambitious. Although Tweetbot is fantastic (my preferred for years), he’s clearly not motivated and, let’s be honest, it’s been a decade or so; I’m sure there are lots of both more motivated and just as talented developers with a fresh mindset. Let’s instead give them something to work with. What’s on your wishlist for a great Mastodon client? /cc @bens

@pth well, for the lovely count of one subscriber 👋🏻

@pth As someone who's paid for every {social}bot you’ve published, I’m ready to throw more money at you. In general, I’m still a little weirded out by software subscriptions, but I get where you’re coming from there.

@jackbrewster it makes a bit more sense here because then we could offer a free trial period which I think is important for something like this. Agree in general though, I don't subscribe to any.

@pth I would patreon. What app are you using now? @tootapp beta is pretty good. A tootbot would be really nice too.

@Gargron @pth if it got me early access I’d def be up for a Patreon effort.

@Gargron @pth Whoa, the dude who made this thing wants to use your thing, Paul. I feel like this is a very different place

@pth yes please -- I'd happily pay a subscription for a Tapbots Mastodon app. Currently I'm using the web interface

@pth I'd patreon the development and still also pay for/subscribe to the 1.0. My long term hope if I paid for those things would be something that eventually reaches "tweetbot's level of polish and attention but attuned to the unique features & use cases of mastodon," but even getting tweetbot's most basic aesthetics & conventions on top of the mastodon timelines would be huge.

@pth I want it. This place needs it. Let’s do it.

@pth Patreon sounds like a great option. Would it be a bot or a PTH special? Maybe letting it lie for a while would be your best bet? You guys did Tweetbot way after others were on the platform and it all worked out pretty well for you.

@pth that would be lovely and I would pay for it though I think it’s best to see where the winds will blow in a month or three

@pth you will have my money! As a side note: personally I like to pay most of my subscriptions on yearly basis. So a annual tier would be great!

@pth I would totally kick some $$$ toward that. I wonder if t-shirts are a good way to raise money for the project too?

I get that it’s a challenging case to make, and that Mastodon’s APIs probably look a good deal different from Twitter’s.

@pth I'm not in a position to help with Patreon right now, but would subscribe to the app when it came out (income willing).

@pth And there I go mansplaining. sorry. I'll jus stay it would be lovely and I would pay.

@pth I’d support it. In either model. But I totally understand if you want to use your nights and weekends for non-app stuff. I know I do.

@pth I’d love a Tapbots app for Mastodon, and would be happy to subscribe for it. There are a few apps around that do the trick, but none of them support the same features.

I understand why you’re hesitant. If you decide to go for it, I’ll be on board.

@pth I'd definitely pay! For something this niche (currently anyway), a subscription makes total sense

@pth I‘d definitely pay. You‘re probably right in saying that it wouldn‘t make sense from a business perspective but imho it currently looks like as if most people that joined here recently are those that would leave Twitter if apps like Tweetbot were to disappear. At least I would!

@pth Just point me to the Patreon.

It would be great if there was a semi-pricy beta-access tier. Don't sell yourself short!

@pth Absolutely in for a subscription model, especially if some percentage is donated onward to the Mastodon Patreon.

@pth Makes sense. Especially tough after you built an ADN app which then went obsolete.

@pth I hate subscriptions. I’d gladly pay a lot, but I’m already subbing too many things.

If I had no other choice and depending on what you’d charge monthly, I guess I’d do it. 🙃 If it’s as good as Tweetbot. Or close enough not to matter.

@Moridin probably $1/month with some discount for going yearly.

@pth mark another down as willing to pay a subscription (which I don’t do). Makes sense for Mastodon.

@pth I’d love a Tweetbot for Mastodon and would happily Patreon and subscribe.

You may have covered this elsewhere, but is there any way to ADD Mastodon support to Tweetbot instead of doing a separate app?

@kenschafer not something I'd want to do, like things to be single function and it'd be a pain to deal with the differences between networks.

@pth for an app like this that users use many times a day a subscription makes sense to me. I generally dislike them, but ok here.

@pth are we talking about a Mac or iOS app? (At least until Marzipan launches and we talk about the same thing 😅)

@davidq I think iOS, easier for me to handle since I don't have to remember how to do AppKit stuff.

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