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Ich finde es wirklich erstaunlich, dass tatsächlich Sand aus der Sahara(!) zig Tausende Kilometer davon entfernt auf meinem Balkon herumliegt. 😮

RT @Orgzly@twitter.com: v1.6.3 and v1.6.4 (bug fix release) are out: orgzly.com/changelog

Einen Tag, nachdem man in drei Baumärkten war, merken, was man nicht alles für den Garten besorgen muss: Fällt das noch unter ? 🤔
(Tippte vorhin )

RT @hauckundbauer@twitter.com: Heute in der FAS.

My kind of : spending £1,200,000 on cameras to prevent £10,000 of yearly costs related to a very funny tradition:

When you're arguing in a forum that they should think twice before switching to the next thing that might get discontinued in future, You get really bad feedback 😞

RT @jgkeegancom@twitter.com: @mtholfsen@twitter.com @n0v0id@twitter.com .@microsoft is Going to start pushing users to OneNote App Instead of continuing development of OneNote 2016. OneNote app Is not ready for prime time and cannot be used to get work done. At least from my perspective.

RT @andrewmelodeon@twitter.com: @n0v0id@twitter.com You're quite right. Never depend on proprietary software and formats. GNU Emacs is free software (as in free speech), and its org-mode uses text files that can easily be opened in other software if GNU Emacs ever vanishes in some bizarre set of circumstances :-/

Guide to becoming public enemy #1;

- Think by yourself
- Be anti-war
- Defend Human rights
- Care
- Try to make a difference

RT @shafikyaghmour@twitter.com: Why max() should be

template <class T>
T& max( T& x, T& y) {
return x<y ? y : x ;


template <class T>
T& max( T& x, T& y) {
return y<x ? x : y ;

From “Notes on Programming” stepanovpapers.com/notes.pdf

Min ex wandbox.org/permlink/WJKcqMHmh

RT @d4path@twitter.com: "Geladene vs getankte Kilowattstunden". Ein weiterer Artikel zum Thema

Bin dann mal eine Runde laufen.
Einmal pro Halbjahr ist schließlich auch regelmäßig!

(TIL: es gibt kein Emoticon für "Stolz")

To all my followers via : on @publicvoit on :mastodon: you get the whole show. On Twitter, you only get forwards and miss the fun of my Mastodon replies.
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RT @mbliemel@twitter.com: @mcmckinno@twitter.com He also received some classic rejections

RT @AndreasKrisch@twitter.com: Interessant. Wie sich das wohl mit dem Kopplungsverbot bei Einwilligungen verträgt, nachdem wesentliche Leistungen nicht von Einwilligungen abhängig gemacht werden dürfen (mangelde Freiwilligkeit der Einwilligung)? twitter.com/shroombab/status/9

Can Facebook be replaced? Let’s invest $100,000 in seven teams and find out


Some "world famous" musician died, aged 28. I never heard of him before and I did not recognize any "hit" they played briefly in the news. 🤔
I'm officially old now. 😩