OMG, the demo was so bad from a presentation point of perspective.

Even though I admire Elon, he's a terrible stage person for these kind of events and the thing was really bad planned and executed. 😲 🤦

@publicvoit The #Cybertruck is a terrible contraption anyway, like the wet dream of a 10 year-old. Heavy, fast, designed with zero regard to how badly it hurts other road users in collisions: I truly hope this piece of electronic junk with bullet-proof windows (WHY?) will NOT be allowed on European roads. This is peak #armsrace in #traffic. And thus this is bullshit.

@publicvoit no it was just a trick for mass media. "LOOK EVERYONE IT'S SO FAIL"

@publicvoit I'm kind of used by now to Musk's manner of speaking on stage, but this particular presentation looked just totally botched and half-baked to begin with. Like, how did they not try to shatter windows on this exact vehicle *before* the event? If it worked, it'd worked the second time too, if it didn't, they could just not do it.

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