[FB making some weird claim about not targeting engagement]
"That is bullshit. Facebook is an addiction-based model."

Bravo Gizmodo! I wish more journalists would use the appropriate terms instead of hiding behind some 'both sides of the argument' nonsense.
And they added Amazon to that list and rightfully so.

This statement in that article is bullshit:

"we’re kneeling before the overlords Mark and Sundar and surrendering our data, even as we read the report, and there’s not much we can do about that."

Pushovers are helpless, but not ppl with the moral constitution to #boycott #Google & #Amazon.

When a private company outsources to #Google or #Amazon, #boycott them.

When a government agency outsources to the big 5, write to lawmakers, petition, and demand policy change.

When a public school forces students to use google docs or MS Office, students should be fighting that shit.

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