( package service) has 4,548 packages. This and many more interesting statistics on

A nice notion from today's meeting:

is more like
Firefox vs. Gmail

Repeating arbitrary commands in : gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/

I once added to my knowledge base and forgotten. Re-discovered today. You might not know about "C-x z z z" yourself...

If you mark a region in and invoke the undo command, only changes within that region are reversed:

This is a game-change to me! 😎
Thanks for sharing this! 🙇‍♂️

I will never stop to be overwhelmed what you can do with : querying public transportation system connections 👍

Brodie and Stonebraker define a system as "any information system that significantly resists modification and evolution to meet new and constantly changing business requirements".
According to this, will definitely never be a legacy system. 😁

It's nice to read a "thank you"-thread on
Also from my side a big THANKS! for supporting this tremendous helpful universe of tools running on this awesome Lisp interpretation platform some people call "editor".

Want to do something like:
"example_script.sh >out.log 2>&1 || appendorgheading --filecontent out.log" to log to your ?
Maybe you might like to take a look at github.com/novoid/appendorghea which is published as public beta now. 😉

Feedback welcome!

Running a high-density display for the first time, I recognized that in , drawer properties that do have a value are boldface whereas those without values are not. Never seen before. 😉

After years of using I re-visited its homepage and to my surprise, the feature-set exploded: github.com/Kungsgeten/yankpad 😲 👍

Another three hours lost on trying out everything 🤣

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