Abschaffung der anonymen : kann man mit einer neuen Hofer-SIM auch nichts empfangen oder nur nichts senden? 🤔

Nice move, : after setting up business account, using it once and not starting it for a week, my account got locked. Had to provide phone number to unlock. 🤨

This is getting ridiculous: a -service to anonymize videos by replacing faces with artificial faces with different features:

Die Update-Newsletter von sind eine wunderbare Bestätigung, dass meine Mitgliedschaft exzellent gut investiertes Geld ist:

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"At Apple, the way we define privacy ..." This is exactly where the problem starts: It is not on tech companies to define . They simply have to comply with privacy and laws, which have been put in place to protect our . twitter.com/GeraldSantucci/sta

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My congress project is up and running. Public adblocking DoH server: adfree.usableprivacy.net/
Works like a charm with the Intra app on Android.

Blocking Some Browsers? irreal.org/blog/?p=8520

Stay away from as many Google services as possible if you want to keep a minimum level of and digital dignity. It's not that you can't do stuff without G. Start by changing your default engine now to or , for example.

How to stay private when using protonmail.com/blog/android-pr

This long list of potential leaks makes it clear that a secure and trustworthy Android is almost an illusion. Please go through the list anyway!

Why we support e-evidence reforms -

"The proposals from the European Commission could allow foreign law enforcement agencies from across the EU to force companies in Europe to hand over customer data without a local judge reviewing and approving the foreign order."

Do you think of switching from a account or similar to an services that respects your and ? I'd recommend this opportunity:

Black Friday sale has started! Get up to 50% off and protonmail.com/blog/black-frid

They also offer very good email service for free as well!

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