I'm already seeing people complaining about the *presence* of a code of conduct on this site. Say they might leave, etc. Code of conduct doing its job, I'd say! That's the power of social federation: to create manageable moderated social spaces for everybody without disconnecting a part from the whole. Just go somewhere else.

@wilkie that's going to depend a lot on how well federation works; high switching costs and differential difficulty of interacting across vs. within platforms could become a big problem there, particular in combination with network effects.

@puellavulnerata that's the design challenge of federation anyway. UX and network challenges. the main goal: when people want a close network, it should feel close. federation ends up working ok in practice and generally really well for those with poor-network communities because they operate locally first and federated there-after.

@puellavulnerata bad latency to mainland US. we had a sizable userbase of central/south american folks in federation because they could actually use it to connect with their own communities.

@wilkie ah, okay - we speak orthogonally at each other perhaps, then.

My concern had been that both the norms of communities can drift quite a bjt while remaining nominally under the same labels, and by the same token individual preferences about norms can also drift.

E.g. 'please don't be sexist' can mean 'no Roissy-style posturing and strutting about alphas and cucks' at one point, and 'consent is not enough' (twitter.com/puellavulnerata/st) ...



...and at another point. I'd rather not have the dudely nonsense in the first case, and I'd rather not have the angry mob in the second.

If I am embedded in a social network, and norms drift in such fashion, am I then trapped by network effects? This is the thing I would want to be able to avoid in a federated system, hence concern for switching costs.

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