This seemingly innocuous overview of on Wired has a pretty sinister starting premise, which it explicitly states: " are the new ." Every bit of is only as good as the new / pay rise / promotion it helps you secure.
This is never going to lead to spontaneous , or to learning something just for fun.

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You're looking at a story.
I spent hours trying to work out how to make the Bristol work with my setup and my ancient laptop.
That feeling when you press the key on your keyboard and hear the sound, and see it record...priceless.


Good evening everyone,
This is an account I'm setting up for my DIY punk learning adventure.
For the next 365 days, I will be learning , and using nothing but an old laptop, , , and freely available materials.
I'll be blogging about my efforts on
My name's Vic, I'm from North (via and ) and is my lifelong passion.
Good to meet you all 😀


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