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In honor of this great review, we have decided to add the Librem 13 to our already running Librem 15 sale. Cheers!



Purism and UBports officially collaborate to offer Ubuntu Touch on Librem 5


Get your questions ready friends, CEO Todd Weaver is doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on March 28th, 2018 at 10am PDT / 1pm EST / 5pm UTC.


Purism Partners with Cryptography Pioneer Werner Koch to Create a New Encrypted Communication Standard for Security-Focused Devices


Awesome News:
- TPM by default & included for free
- German keyboard now available
- FREE international shipping on all orders




Since we've had a ton of questions, our Chief Security Officer @kylerankin eloquently explains "The Great Puri.sm Outage of 2018."


Oh, now that's interesting! Looking at a draft of a blog post due Monday and we've got some great news coming.

Qubes 4.0 is now fully working on our Librem laptops. Additionally, we've added IOMMU and TPM support to our new Coreboot 4.7 BIOS.



Our new Chief Security Officer @kylerankin writes about Dark Caracal, "Why Purism," and why you might want to consider the Librem 5 Smartphone.


@matrix @aral
yes this! and hoping to see some cooperation between them. Thought @Fairphone got more knowledge collected about a more fair production and @Purism more knowledge about what the #opensource communities are looking for.

thought sharing some of your resources will benefit both of you.

New stuff coming out of @Purism's Librem 5 and KDE's Plasma Mobile camp: Plasma Mobile working on an i.MX 6-based test development board:


This is the board @Puri_sm and Plasma Mobile developers may use (not confirmed yet) before the Librem 5 phone actually exists.