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BJP states have valid reasons for job crisis - Nehru

What reasons do non-BJP states have?

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Photoshop today celebrates its 30th birthday from that initial Version 1 release.

BJP IT cell should definitely celebrate their favourite tool, which helped them to sell the fraud Gujarat model to millions of Indians 🤣


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The BeeZayPee wants control of the Ram Taimpul and have made the goons who demolished it the heads of the trust. Soon, only Sangh Parivaar members, EU MPs and foreign envoys will be allowed to visit the site.

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This discomfort with the Harappan Civilization, the largest civilization of its time and whose culture shaped us in fundamental ways, is both revealing and shameful

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More and more, I'm coming around to a simple view: that the single most important quality a constitutional judge needs to have is a distrust of power, and of the claims of the men, women, and institutions that exercise it.

If that quality exists, all else will follow.

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3 Ex CMs of JK detained for doing nothing, Dr Kafeel jailed for voicing against injustice, Hardik Patel untraceable after speaking for Patidars. Amulya, Sharjeel Imam booked under Sedition. But @warispathan@twitter.com roaming free after all provoking speeches.

Any Guesses why? 👇🤫

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A poor stupid girl is going to face the full brunt of the Indian state for being a poor stupid girl. Hope it is a lesson for a lot of people that public speaking is not twitter absolutism. twitter.com/timesofindia/statu

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Idiotic to charge her with sedition! At worst, she showed bad judgment in displaying Southasianist zeal at an event where the point she was making (that India, Pak shud not see each other as enemies) was bound to be misconstrued. But this is not a crime! firstpost.com/india/bengaluru-

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