@pixelfed there was a page that compared the different features available on the various servers. I can't find it anymore. Where is it?

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We have also received notice that the criminal creators of **lightmoon malware** are sending out phishing emails trying to trick users into downloading their infected software. Please ignore and trash these messages.

Remember: The only legitimate sources for Kdenlive's software are your distro, well-established app stores (such as FlatHub), and Kdenlive's own download page located at:


Take care.

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The moment when you finally understand that 違い and 違い「ます」 are not the same word

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#Kdenlive 21.08 is out with an upgraded engine, new time remapping and masking effects, many usability improvements and bug fixes.


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I need a mouse to use on the construction site... The good one is too expensive to use there.


What's the point of saying "Let me double check that" when it's actually the first time you've checking it?

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