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Heya. I noticed since a few days that I had to click away a lot of those cookie popups on every puzzle page. That sounds to me like you added more ads/tracking to your site, otherwise you'd not have been required to show those cookie popups.

I could live with that, even though it made the site less attractive and made me doubt I'd subscribe (something I had considered before).
But now there's something that completely killed my visits: a popup that blocks the site if my adblocker is turned on and I'm not a Patron.

With all the cookie-additions, site getting slower (some of my buddies report it takes entire minutes to load a page!), and this adblock-popup that prevents proper use of the site, I fear that visiting those puzzles has become extremely unattractive to me.

What pains me to see was the following line in your Patron-benefits: "The ads will disappear. The site will load faster as a result."
Outch. This is more an incentive to stay away.

I don't expect you to change your mind, that's your own choice. I just wanted to let you know that I removed my bookmarks to your site now because of the overly commercialising of the site.

In case you've not noticed: Mastodon is the ultimate opposite. No tracking cookies, and no ads. Many of its users value the same.

A shame, because the puzzles were nice.

Good luck.


PuzzleTeam, Feedback 

Regarding the cookie popups - it's actually quite the opposite - this popup allows you to manage the tracking cookies and the privacy settings. And no - there aren't any new ones.
Regarding the ad-blocking popup - OK I might have lost my nerves a bit here and I may reverse at some point, but I found out that 1/4 of my visitors are using ad-blocking software. Everybody likes free stuff, while my hosting bills are getting higher and higher.

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