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Have fallen behind with my posts. Between getting Covid-19, visiting family in the UK, parenting a tiny human, and general adulting the last two months have wiped me. Hopefully things will pick up when I get a new few ideas (suggestions welcome) and my writing motivation returns.

The "cold in-law's" phenomenon. When we visit my mother-in-law's house I am always freezing but my wife isn't. Visiting my mother's I am in a t-shirt while my wife is so cold she is now under two layers of jumpers.

Linux hardware geeks, I need a recommendation for a small form factor pc to replace my (very) old server and a couple of my PIs (which I want to use for other things). Should be able to run Docker/LXC and have plenty of storage capacity. Go.

I put "Bark at the Moon" on for the kid and my wife went "woof woof".

Realising that it should have been howl at the moon and barking isn't as scary.

Forever reduced that song to an excited puppy, "woof woof"

has been a busy month. finally caught covid and work projects all picking up speed at the same time. hopefully things will settle a bit soon, i need to regroup

Followed a link to a news article on and while trying to read it I was assaulted by popups and other gumph taking up screen space. Look at this atrocity. The highlighted text is all I can see of the article.

I feel workplace email phishing tests have over used security clickbait subjects. I know they're trying to catch people out but my distrust of any security related email is becoming a hindrance.

(and the security team don't like all their emails being reported for phishing)

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