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Today I shutdown the longest running system I have personally seen. 2170 days, which is over 5 years of uptime.

Since have killed, are there any other companies selling tech geek desktop toys and obscure "sysadmin" humour items?

A couple of new log entries about warez I have recently been intro'd to.

`sacc` for accessing the Gopherverse and `drist` for remote server conf management. Incidently both warez are from Bitreich.

A laptop designed for you to repair, upgrade, and customise with ease.

Very interested in this project, patiently waiting to see the price announcement.

Why should you care about data privacy, even if you think you have "nothing to hide"?

Because our data is being used to push increasingly polarized content and capitalize on divisiveness.

Disrupt surveillance capitalism. Take back your privacy. Use Tor.

I hate unnecessary workplace politics. I want other teams to be able to view my code and vice versa, as I am sure we are duplicating effort. We should not need to have senior management meetings to discuss it.

Glad to hear Element is now back on the Play Store.

Imagine having to explain " Element and Matrix works..." to a VP at Google.

Found an old Debian 3.1 server running ngIRCd (version 0.10.3-2) with an uptime of 1114days (~3years). 2 users sitting idle in the only channel, digital tumbleweeds...

Finally finished listening to Cory Doctorow's reading of Bruce Sterling's "The Hacker Crackdown". A great book and this reading from Cory's podcast is worth the time.

If you initiate a new work IM with "Hi <insert name>", don't wait for my response to follow up with your {question,query}. I want to know what I am getting in to.

Tweet from Noah Veltman (@veltman), at 24 Jan, 14:42
This email 100% belongs in the Computer History Museum:

A Unix utility for ordering a burrito from La Costeña using PostScript, from 1992!

ht @burritojustice

I have decided to move my blog from Hugo to a script that uses `pandoc` to convert from markdown to html. Same result, maybe not the most elegant though.

Using Docker and a CI/CD pipeline is awesome, until you don't use it for 6 months and then it fails to build...

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