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This morning a woman pushed her pram off the tram and sat back down! The look of horror on the faces of everybody in our carriage was priceless!

The Dad was waiting at the stop for the pram. I found the whole scene incredibly funny.

I'm fairly sure all masters have shares in @Postit. I have never seen so many Postit Notes before usig . We should all move to digital boards, remember the "paperless office" idea..?

Sony and Marvel make a deal for another MCU Spider-man movie! Great news after such a big cliffhanger. I hope they use the word 'Home' in the title again. -man

Any IT Infrastructure/Operations teams successfully implemented Agile and Lean practices for BAU work? Would be interested to knowing how well it worked.

If I see a sign with an incorrect fact I can't help but say something. I should let it slide, but it would take a minute to check before printing. We're the luckiest generations in history to have all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips, spend a minute & check your facts

“I’m turning 30 years old”
- boring
- just sounds like you’re old

“I have witnessed 30 winters”
- epic
- mysterious
- wise
- enduring

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. Go and give your sysadmin a hug... or not, we usually don't like to be touched.

Currently having a meeting to discuss why a project has overrun but is itself stopping us from doing any work on the project

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