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🔵 Time to update: Tor Browser 9.5.1 is out now.

This release updates Firefox to 68.10.0esr and NoScript to 11.0.32. Also, this release features important security updates to Firefox.

My wife and I have decided to rescue a dog, say Hi to Bert. He is a 4/5yo Patterdale & Staffordshire terrier cross.

This is the best thing I've seen all month! is !

Lidl Web Services - finally, a cloud provider I can get behind :')…

Can we start shaming this websites? Two come to mind that I have tried to visit just this morning (the second one annoyed me so much I started this thread)

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It is really frustrating when you have to toggle multiple opt-out switches, kr even worse get directed to a page which has no option to opt-out

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I think there should be a no cookies unless you opt-in rule. Either that or have a easy "opt-out"/"reject cookies" button rule.

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Websites that use "cookie walls" or make it difficult to opt-out of cookies need to read this document. The rules have to be amended and spelt out because people are trying to get around them.

BREAKING: ICANN has voted to REJECT the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity firm Ethos Capital. This is a major victory for the millions of nonprofits, civil society organizations, and individuals who make .ORG their home online.

Loving the arena FPS from @Xonotic. If you're a fan of Quake or Unreal Tournament try it out. No install required, and it runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OS X and Windows so get it now!

For almost 10 years I served my country. There were highs and lows, but I at the end I was a better person in every way. I have the RAF to thank for who I am today. Happy Birthday!

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