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Any IT Infrastructure/Operations teams successfully implemented Agile and Lean practices for BAU work? Would be interested to knowing how well it worked.

If I see a sign with an incorrect fact I can't help but say something. I should let it slide, but it would take a minute to check before printing. We're the luckiest generations in history to have all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips, spend a minute & check your facts

“I’m turning 30 years old”
- boring
- just sounds like you’re old

“I have witnessed 30 winters”
- epic
- mysterious
- wise
- enduring

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. Go and give your sysadmin a hug... or not, we usually don't like to be touched.

Currently having a meeting to discuss why a project has overrun but is itself stopping us from doing any work on the project

A great day had by all @DublinMaker , thanks for all the hard work. If you spoke to us at the @dublinlinux booth make sure to keep an eye on our site/twitter for upcoming meetups.

Bored at @DublinMaker , unlikely, but come and watch Star Wars in the terminal! @dublinlinux

Dublin Maker is open! Come and find the booth to talk everything Linux and FOSS! @DublinMaker @dublinlinux

If you're attending @DublinMaker this Saturday come and talk Linux with me and the rest of the @dublinlinux group at our booth. We will have some laptops, RaspberryPis, and even some gaming (fingers crossed) to show you the power of Linux.

So season 3 of Stranger Things is the best yet. Loads of gore, humour, and badassary... then a swift kick in the feels.

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