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Every video game has barrels, but how many games let you make kombucha, beer, wine, kefir, kvass, and bourbon in them?

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In C#, did you know the dynamic keyword could be used as a generic constraint?

It probably shouldn't be, BUT IT CAN!

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Wild how Megaman Battle network is in retrospect just about dealing with internet of things sorta bullshit

Anodyne 2 gameplay 

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teaching that MIDI note 60 is middle C as a reference point:

- 60? least memorable number ever
- that's like 261.32whatever Hz, what even is that
- middle?? no one has been able to afford an 88 key keyboard for centuries

teaching that MIDI note 69 is A4 as a reference point:

- 440 Hz baby, that's a tuning standard
- i'll remember it until i die
- ehuehuehuehue

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Delicious in Dungeon spoilers, gross food 

maybe gross? death 

...wait, there's nothing stopping me adding 30-50 feral hogs to cook in my game, is there? brb!

Thinking about slow-cooking 30-50 feral hogs

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big post 

hmmm... how is ambrosia served? Does it only cover one kind of food or is it a general category for all the foods ate by the gods? x.X

The foodstuffs is ambrosia, a godly food ate by the ancient greek deities. Being in the afterlife means the player isn't technically mortal anymore so they can probably drink it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Had a lull in development while dealing with life problems, which lead to some new inspiration for foodstuffs!

One of the new bits of flavor text for a particular kind of item is "It's a good thing you're already dead, this stuff's delicious"

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Desktop audio is having issues because this DJ mixer was clearly not meant to be an audio card for long term usage. HDMI switch is having audio problems too...? Oh, so is my laptop's audio card, maybe its a linux thing... Weird, now the PS3 is having glitchy audio?

Pretty sure I've been cursed, send help

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Wait, is there a webcomic about this already? I'd totally read it.

Just some protags meeting up with all other instances of themselves, until the universe literally cannot sustain it anymore and ends/collapses/whatever

Its impossible to have a logical plot with truly immortal characters and time travel.

The universe would become copies and copies and copies of the same immortal characters and nothing else throughout all of space and time.

*goes back to reading webcomics anyways*

Switching game engines mid-project is basically killing whatever game your working on, but maybe switching to UE4 isn't such a bad idea? I'll know after a few more days of learning this engine...

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