Implementing twine into the interaction system was way easier than I'd have thought! This gif is just a twine story imported through Cradle :D

This will make dialogue trees and therefore NPCs way more easy to implement than before.

Also the red testing cube is right, Food is good

@pyredrid Can you give a bit more details on your implementation? Where did you start?

@StraToN The interaction system is basically a list of configurable events attached to a component that can be added to various gameobjects and triggered by various creatures in the game (including the player, but also enemies, npcs, etc.).

Using Cradle to import twine stories into Unity, i can then toggle UI for those stories with the interaction system. There's some other stuff implemented so various savestate flags can be manipulated as well later on.

The main work is done with cradle.

@pyredrid That's neat... Can you get information in and out of the twine? i.e. have your choices in the dialogue effect the game, or vice-versa?

@hyperlinkyourheart Yep! The library I'm using for twine integration is here:

Its a bit buggy and there's some features it doesn't support, but its plenty robust enough for a dialogue system and twine is just a really good story tool to use.

That's really cool. I'll have to see if there's something similar for Godot

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