Oh yea, started making a pokemon romhack a couple months ago. Haven't posted anything about it here yet so have a non-euclidean map in the Distortion World but being played in Pokemon Emerald~!

The non-euclidean map took maybe an hour or two at most, the spinning clouds in the background took 10 hours.

Also, made a smear shader effect in Godot, also just to see if I could. Probably useful as an effect in a layered stack of effects?

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Hmmm... Should probably post a few things I've done recently :v

Here's a non-uniform grid movement system for purposes, but mostly to see if I could in Godot: github.com/Pyredrid/Non-Unifor

All movement can be done with a D-Pad, and its basically just moving from node-to-node, but nodes don't have to be grid aligned so you can make cool spiral stairs.

You know what isn't in Godot that i miss most from Unity? The ContextMenu attribute, since it makes really repetitve editor tasks really easy. Like generating a large grid of nodes and connecting them together.

Anyways, here's my horrible abuse of properties and how reads them~! :v

Learning more stuff~

Tonight was non-PBR rendering with stylized grass and a public domain deer skull from the Smithsonian's "Q?rius, The Coralyn W. Whitney Science Education Center" (that's not a typo, it really has a question mark in the name /shrug)

This took ~3 hours to render because this laptop is crap... q.q

Some further improvements by adding a constraint on what "rooms" can connect to each other. This leads to some way more interesting geometry by having fragments of rooms be able to connect to other fragments~

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The umpteenth time this generator has been implemented for DDDD, buuut... now its in Godot

Also, after generation it calculates the Critical Path and determine each rooms distance to the Critical Path. I'll probably keep all the interesting generation on the Critical Path in the future but have all the Actually Cool™️ rewards be off the Critical Path

Critical Path as a phrase has officially lost all meaning and now just feels like a bunch of random words.

Used to model a jelly filled donu-...

Onigiri, yes, that's it

AI navigation is going perfectly well. The crabs are just a bit... antsy.... yes....

Started learning about compilers and ended up writing a bad/weird virtual machine. Just things~

Also, there's a debug instruction to print the value of an address to the console. The opcode of that instruction is 6969, because I could~

Getting scene transitions working~

The combat transition is just freeze-the-buffer-and-let-postprocessing-do-whatever. It looks nice~

Getting some more practice into before bed~

A wicker wastebin thing? Could probably use some touchups but the main thing was to learn about tissue so... eh

A dice enemy and a door enemy~ Gonna figure out art stuff later at this point. Gotta get a working prototype first.

The dice enemy attacks every few moves it does. The attack it does is pulled randomly from a list.

The door enemy can't be attacked when its closed, but also only attacks when its open. It attacks when the player steps in front of it.

Excited for a "new" Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game and the new style is so playful and pretty~

Nintendo has yet to learn how to make a good code sharing mechanism though.... Its actually worse now....

Got some done today. Not much work overall, but the tornado attack feels way better after some suggestions from my little brother~

Got a little tornado attack going as well as some testing dummies lined up in a row. Working on getting more card types for experimenting with before getting into balance. Though mostly its attacks from MMBN <.<'

Been working on a small project that should be released towards the end of next year. The combat system is based largely on Megaman Battle Network, albeit with a bunch of stuff that'll make it cooler and witchier~

All art is extremely placeholder, but its basically feature complete. All thats left is polish, bugfixing, and content~

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