Code comment of the day or something.

Its probably a holdback from early C or other old system design stuff in programming, but every time I see a file that contains either code or serialized data, it always has that extra newline. Even in modern environments and with modern codebases. Its kinda weird, but also kinda cool.

Technically the laser part could just be removed from the scene tree, but that's both more effort and more expensive than just shoving it somewhere way out of bounds.

Still gotta get some materials and vfx on this sneky boyo skull vessels boss, but I'm liking this aesthetic's form already :D

Working on an aesthetic for a boss design. I think I know what I'm doing, just need to get some sort of mysterious dark liquid effect going once I finish up the models. :3c

Also, didn't fully model these myself, mostly used scanned public domain assets from a museum archive.

Started rethinking how I wanted to handle AI for this little boss rush game, so the snek doesn't really look like its changed much. Under the hood its using Godot's animation system to handle state now, include what its current target is.

Its "idle" animation is just targeting between 4 randomish points on the map, but if the player activates the floor trigger I set it'll target the player instead.

Had to rewrite a lot of what I already had though <.<;

more snek boss, now with new and improved jank

Gotta increase the number of points between each section of the snake, and also work out how the siney swingy tail of the snake should move... hmmm...

Oh, also the actual gameplay, thats important too :v

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snek boss begins!

Gonna need to add some sine-y movement to make it more sneky, as well as some actual attack patterns that aren't just "slide towards the player"

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Gonna scrap this Default Cube boids boss design. Barring writing it in C/C++ and using GDNative, I probably won't squeeze enough performance out to make the boss fight last that long.

Technical issues aside, this boss is too chaotic to feel fun, and I'm having a hard time thinking of some good attack patterns...

Such is game design sometimes I guess, maybe I can make something like this work later.

OK, made it faster :v

Pretty sure this technique is called octree partitioning. Where instead of having each boid iterate over *every* other boid, each boid is put into a partition of space (in this case, every 8x8x8 cube of space is a partition) and boids only iterate over that.

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Been working on a new boss, most of it is already implemented but really poorly so now I'm rewriting it to use boids instead of physics.

Basically need a bunch of small swarming entities. The real issue now is performance...

Glowed up the afterlife a bit more. Should definitely add some clouds in the background later too~

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Added some rim lighting and a concrete texture to the boss and dang that's way more readable. Still need to get a fist model to switch between during attacks, as well as some way to show damage on the boss itself.

Also, dying now sends the player to the afterlife. Planning to put the tutorial in there as well any trophies for the player's accomplishments. Probably mostly statues for beating bosses.

Don't have time to do modeling, so making use of some public domain scans. Also a decimate modifier to make it look more video gamey.

Some nice and subtle camera shake. Going to need to make a setting for this at some point of course.

100 hands are a go. Technically it can be whatever number I set, but 100 feels good to start with.

I'm reminded of the Greek mythology for Hecatoncheires as well as the many multi-armed Hindu deities. Might be inspiration for aesthetic when its modeling time.

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Yea, this boss is bad af. Next step is making it fun to play against and I think I have a few ideas... The first being adding 98 more hands and making half of them glass cannons.

Ayyyy, this is starting to look and feel like a game instead of just a side project while job hunting. Gotta get a boss of some in next.

As much as I hate the design, might be worth it to make a stone head with disembodied hands as the first boss. Although maybe there's a way to make it that I wouldn't hate...

Weirdest game code I feel I've written in a while, mostly due to a sense of existential dread today I guess.

One of the mini-projects I started to get good indirect lighting baked in blender into Godot. The two quads are emissive materials, and Godot (as awesome as it is) doesn't have a way to bake emissive indirect lighting in the editor yet.

Gonna shelve this for now, but whenever I have a computer good enough for some really high fidelity models, I'll make even better use of this technique.

Hmmm... Should probably post a few things I've done recently :v

Here's a non-uniform grid movement system for purposes, but mostly to see if I could in Godot:

All movement can be done with a D-Pad, and its basically just moving from node-to-node, but nodes don't have to be grid aligned so you can make cool spiral stairs.

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