Some further improvements by adding a constraint on what "rooms" can connect to each other. This leads to some way more interesting geometry by having fragments of rooms be able to connect to other fragments~

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The umpteenth time this generator has been implemented for DDDD, buuut... now its in Godot

Also, after generation it calculates the Critical Path and determine each rooms distance to the Critical Path. I'll probably keep all the interesting generation on the Critical Path in the future but have all the Actually Cool™️ rewards be off the Critical Path

Critical Path as a phrase has officially lost all meaning and now just feels like a bunch of random words.

AI navigation is going perfectly well. The crabs are just a bit... antsy.... yes....

A dice enemy and a door enemy~ Gonna figure out art stuff later at this point. Gotta get a working prototype first.

The dice enemy attacks every few moves it does. The attack it does is pulled randomly from a list.

The door enemy can't be attacked when its closed, but also only attacks when its open. It attacks when the player steps in front of it.

Got a little tornado attack going as well as some testing dummies lined up in a row. Working on getting more card types for experimenting with before getting into balance. Though mostly its attacks from MMBN <.<'

Should put some stuff on these branches next, but this is probably the first screenshot I've taken with that "wip game build" energy all over the place

The branches will have a bunch of fruits and nuts, groves littered around the maze will have vegetables and mushrooms, and roaming clay golems will have capes of high quality produce growing as gardens over their backs

This is all extremely early stage stuff, but the next dungeon generator is laid out. Going with a hedge maze style for the Garden of Eden.

Right now its just a marching cube algorithm with random noise, and the next step is to use maze generators to 'carve' through the marching cubes.

There's times writing code influences one's mood, there's times where one's writing code changes their mood.

...but mostly I'm just glad to not be working with audio code right now.

This is still 100% wip, but I got midi to fire off events inside my game, including animation, game state, dialogue, etc.

Since one of the design philosophies I'm going for is "everything comes from somewhere with reason" this'll be extremely useful to tie music to various in game entities. Like having a band of skeletons actually animate based on the song they play. ^^

Implemented a souls-ish way to see those item descriptions that have been around forever. Also streamlined adding in new appliances as well, so more fairy types will be implemented by the end of next week~

Implementing mushrooms properly, starting with false morels. A poisonous fungus unless prepared right with water due to their hydrophilic toxins.

Either boil them or leech them with water to remove negative status effects.

Got around to re-adding the ability to throw items. Don't want to fight hungry ghosts? Throw some sandwiches to distract them and run past. Want to trigger a suspicious lever? Throw an apple from a safe distance.

Still working out the UI so its not super-screenshotable atm though ^^;

Kitchen customization is a-go~

Appliances now serialize completely, meaning inventories, appliance states, special materials... everything should save properly now. Might try adding a keg appliance next and test aging various foods like pickles or drinks.

Made the pseudo-vocals better by recording samples of an actual voice. (sorry in advance for the steam notification blip at the end)

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Its a pretty early first pass so it sounds rough, but pseudo-vocals are in. Testing Cube can actually talk now (as will future NPCs)

Testing cube "singing" part of the Hymn to Ninkasi,this was also actually productive because now NPCs can "talk" without opening a dialogue box

(its all just floating text but shhh...)

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Still working out jiggle physics (because of ghost bellies, get your mind out of the gutter) but here's the hungry ghost NPC from earlier in Unity3D.

They sure are running after something...

...aaaand a sampler of expressions for the Hungry Ghost NPC, its amazing what you can do with 3 deformable spheres.

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Every good roguelike has wells of mysterious liquid that may or may not be magical~ (Spoiler: plain well water is not magical, or great for cooking)

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